Urban Street Ramps Mini Single Skateramp

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Urban Street Ramps Mini single skater ramp can be used to practice your latest tricks on your skateboard, skates or stunt scooter.

These skate ramps are lightweight yet very strong and durable due to the use of high-impact polyethylene. Due to the light weight, you can practice your tricks wherever you want. For example on the square of your school or at your home in the garden or on the street. The anti-slip on the bottom of the skate ramp ensures that the ramp remains firmly in place as soon as you skate over it.

Create your own skate park with Urban Street Ramps skate ramps and obstacles.

Urban Street Ramps mini single skater ramp


  •      Colour black
  •      Material: polyethylene
  •      Dimensions: 56 x 40 x 15 cm (L x W x H)
  •      Can hold up to: 90 kg
  •      Age: from 6 years old