AXA Solid Plus Set Frame lock with plug-in chain ART-2 Black

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This AXA Solid Plus set with ring locks and plug-in chain is ideal to use, because there is the possibility to attach the bicycle lock to the frame. In any case, you will never forget to bring a lock. In addition, a ring lock is easy to use, because the key only has to be turned so that the shackle comes in the other end and the bike is locked. Ring locks are a primary measure of theft prevention.

AXA Solid Plus ring lock with plug-in chain Set

Specifications ring lock:

  •     Plug-in option: yes
  •     Opening width: 58 mm
  •     Weight: 400 gram
  •     Colour black
  •     Material inside: steel
  •     Casing material: plastic
  •     Mounting: on frame
  •     Mounting material not included.

Specifications Plug-in chain:

  •     Type: Newton PI 150
  •     Weight: 580 grams
  •     Length: 150 cm
  •     Diameter: 10 mm
  •     Colour black
  •     Material inside: steel
  •     Casing material: nylon


  •     1 Ring lock
  •     2 Keys
  •     1 Plug-in chain