Powerslide Protection - Black - XL - 6-pieces

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Powerslide PS Bundle - when safety is important. The Powerslide "PS-Standard" protection set for beginners and advanced steppers / skaters features a beautifully designed large, flat cap and high-quality shock-absorbing materials, which guarantee the best protection during your Action or Fun sports sessions.

The anatomically preformed cushion is supported with a very comfortable textile layer. The cotton sock sleeve and elastic Velcro closures attract the protector and keep it perfectly in place. The combination of a hard and rigid hood and high-density foam materials provides the best protection.

Powerslide protecors set 6 - piece Specifications

  •     Colour black
  •     Material: cotton, plastic
  •     Closure: Velcro
  •     2 x Knee pads
  •     2 x Elbow pads
  •     2 x Wrist protector
  •     Size: XL

Specifications sizes: Circumference hand: 21.5 to 24 cm. Wrist circumference: 19 to 20.5 cm. Circumference upper arm: 35 to 38 cm. Circumference forearm: 29 to 32 cm. Thigh circumference: 51 to 57 cm. Lower leg circumference: 42 to 47 cm