Seawag Waterproof Smartphone Case - with accessories - 5-piece

Item number: 8720

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With the waterproof Smartphone case and accessories from Seawag, you can safely take your phone with you wherever you go. The cover has an IPX8 rating, so dust and water will no longer be a problem. Your phone will stay dry even up to 25 meters deep. With the included accessories, the cover can be securely attached to your arm or bicycle handlebar with your phone. Feel free to take it into the water, with the yellow float your phone will float. You can also use the float as a selfie stick for spectacular photos under (or above) water. The mounting points on the float and handlebar mount are also suitable for a GoPro camera. With a size of 20 x 10 cm, every phone will fit in the cover. There is an extra window on the back of the cover, so you can continue to use the rear camera.

Seawag waterproof smartphone case with accessories


  •     Material: TPU polycarbonate, plastic
  •     Color: black, transparent
  •     Cover dimensions: 20 x 10 cm (LxW)
  •     Waterproof: IPX8, 25 meters.


  •     1 Phone case
  •     1 Bicycle handlebar holder
  •     1 Float
  •     1 Bracelet
  •     1 Cord