Yedoo Dog Adapter 25.4 For Dragstr, Rodstr, Friday, Mezeq, Mula, City, S2016, S1616,

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Four legs, graceful movements and a tongue lolling. Where is it running? Just for joy, for life itself, the dog would say. So take your scooter and set out together. It doesn´t matter if it's just around the house, a field trip, a mushing race. Make walking the dog a joy to you both.

  • Weight: 205 g / 0.45 lb
  • Diameter: 25,4 mm / 1 in
  • Material: Aluminium mount, hardened stainless spring and screws
  • Suitable for: Dragstr, Rodstr, Friday, Mezeq, Mula, City, S2016, S1616 and other scooters with stem diameter of 25,4 mm
  • Dimensions: Length: 52 cm / 20.5 in (spring)
The tuglines and harness are not included. We recommend buying a high-quality short harness and a minimum 2-meter long tugline with springing to ensure the ideal pull distribution that is friendlier to the dog's back.