Tempish VENTUS MINE Freestyle Scooter - Green

Item number: 14249

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The Tempish Ventus Mine is designed for freestyle scootering. The front wheel has a wheel diameter of 120mm, the rear wheel has a diameter of 100mm. The hardness of the wheels is 85A.

The reinforced handlebar features 100mm TPR grips made of high quality aluminum alloy 280x500mm.

The Ventus Mine is equipped with a brake.


  •      Color: Green
  •      Main Assembly: Thread
  •      Compression system: thread + 3 screw terminals
  •      Fork material: steel
  •      Wheel diameter: 100mm / 120mm
  •      Wheel hardness: 85A
  •      Bearings: ABEC 9, Chrome Steel
  •      Deck length: 42cm
  •      Width deck: 11cm
  •      Height handles: 50cm
  •      Width handles: 43cm
  •      Weight: 3.2kg
  •      Weight Limit: 60kg