Chilli Pro Scooter Riders Choice Zero Polished - 120mm

Item number: 14209

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This cool Chilli Pro Scooter Riders Choice Zero is a professional stunt scooter aimed at experienced riders who have already mastered all the basic skills. This stunt scooter belongs to the high-end segment of Chilli Pro Scooter. Thanks to the aluminum construction, this stunt scooter is very light.

Tip: The T-bar should be at the height of the navel or just above it when you stand on the scooter.

Deck details:

  •      Material: 7005 Aluminum
  •      Length: 52 cm
  •      Width: 12.5 cm

T-Bar details:

  •      Material: Aluminum oversized
  •      Length: 62 cm
  •      Width: 62 cm


  •      Fork: Aluminum CNC
  •      Clamp: 3-Bolt CNC Aluminum
  •      Wheels: 120mm
  •      Bearings: ABEC 9
  •      Compression: Chilli Spider HIC
  •      Weight: 3.4 kg
  •      Total scooter: 95 cm
  •      Age: From 10-12 years