Chilli Pro Scooter Reaper Reloaded Pistol Gold - 120mm

Item number: 14220

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This cool Chilli Pro Scooter REAPER RELOADED PISTOL GOLD is a real all-rounder for advanced riders. With its 12.5 cm wide aluminum deck, the scooter is particularly suitable for grinding. The 120 mm wheels ensure that you achieve optimal speed to jump even higher. The Reaper Reloaded Pistol Gold is the perfect stunt scooter for beginners to advanced.

Tip: The T-bar should be at the height of the navel or just above it when you stand on the scooter.

Deck details:

  •      Material: Aluminum
  •      Length: 50 cm
  •      Width: 12.5 cm

T-Bar details:

  •      Material: Chrome Steel
  •      Length: 60 cm
  •      Width: 60 cm


  •      Fork: Aluminum
  •      Clamp: 3-Bolt CNC Aluminum
  •      Wheels: 120mm
  •      Bearings: ABEC 9
  •      Compression: Chilli Spider HIC
  •      Weight: 4.4 kg
  •      Total scooter: 85 cm
  •      Age: From 10 years