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Gentlemen's Hardware tool set Bicycle wood box

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Gentlemen's Hardware Bicycle tool set, delivered in a handy wooden box. Designed with our cooperated #KBS Shop color! The vintage style bicycle repair set contains in total 13 tools with many different functions. All tools are 100% high quality bike tools you will enjoy working with. 

Whether you are a professional cyclist, or you only cycle when you go to work, in both cases a bike can break down and in both cases the bike needs to be repaired. You can have somebody do this for you, but tell me yourself... with such a super practical tool set, you'd much rather do it yourself! This set contains Allen wrenches, chain breakers, socket spanners, spanners and a screwdriver. You will never have a broken bike again!


Gentlemen's Hardware tool set Bicycle Specifications

  • Colour: beige
  • Case material: wood
  • Tool material: stainless steel
  • Case dimensions: 35.5 x 25.5 cm (lxw)
  • 13 tools in total