Chilli Pro Scooter Clamp - SCS - 4 bolt oversized - 78mm - Black

Item number: 14252

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This Chilli Pro Scooter 4-bolt clamp is made of high quality aluminum and is reliable in its resilience.

This clamp is suitable for the following T-bars:

  •      SCS oversized T-Bar with an outer diameter of 3.5cm
  •      SCS standard T-Bar with 3.2cm outer diameter, then place the shim in the clamp
  •      HIC standard T-Bar with an extra inner disc with an inner diameter of up to 3.2cm. With the shim you bypass the HIC system.


  •      Compression: SCS
  •      Inner diameter: 3.48cm oversized (with 3.19cm shim)
  •      Height: 7.8cm
  •      Weight: 233gr
  •      Material: Aluminum