Kickbike Safari Red Limited Edition

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This dear kick sport for us started like that: a sport. Train, compete, develop. But sooner or later there are season endings and visions of faraway roads.

Different from normal group rides (where idea was to drop others behind), season endings were ridden together all the way. The main idea being to have a hot sauna and a cold beer afterwards. These rides we called 'safari' to highlight their less competitive mood and adventurous nature.

After one such a ride autumn 1994 ...- the same year Kickbike company was founded - we were sitting in a sauna and talking of a 'Safari' with a capital S. To kick further, to unknown roads and countries. And so we did.

First to neighbouring country Sweden. Next from our hometown Helsinki over the Alps to Venice, then to Gibraltar. And many tours criss-crossing various mountain ranges after that. These were not the first kick-scooter tours ever made. Nor the toughest, nor the craziest. But for us they are the finest.

To honour these Safaris and their 25-year history, we built a scooter we would love to ride far. One we could rely on a long tour and that would be easy to ride for long distances - and with good brakes too, something quite unlike our scooters 1994.

So this is KICKBIKE SAFARI comes with:

  • Shimano disc brakes,
  • Schwalbe Marathon tyres,
  • touring handlebars and
  • anniversary retro badge on the head tube.

Ready for the finest kick tours. Ready for the same “Safari” kicks we loved more than two decades ago. Ready for those who #nevergrowold