Spanninga Rear Light Nr 9

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A modern version of the pear-shaped metal tail lights from the 50's that were Spanninga's flagship for decades. In this new version, the No. 9 taillight returns with retro style and 21st century reliability.

Retro style

The No. 9 taillight pays homage to the past with its chrome finish and pear-shaped lines. That's why it's sure to please nostalgic-minded cyclists who love retro chic and fixie bikes. Simple, stylish and built for comfort and practicality, No. 9 is the taillight you're looking for on your modern retro bike. These bikes are becoming more and more popular.

Practical but safe!

Blending classic character with just the right modern touch, No. 9 offers the best in modernized LED technology that gives good visibility for the cyclist and safety for other road users. With its 2-AAA batteries, the No. 9 taillight has a long life, and the battery indicator on top lets you know when the battery is low.

Technical data

  •         Version: Xb
  •         Light source: 1 red LED
  •         Power source: batteries 2 x AAA 1.5V
  •         Autonomy: > 125 hrs.
  •         Battery indicator: yes
  •         Functions: Parking light
  •         Weight: <50g
  •         Color: chrome