Neewa - Dog Racing Tug Line For 2 Dog - 2,5M

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The Racing Tug Line with bungee (2 dogs) is available as a 2 meter long leash (approx. 2.5 m long) and is suitable for bikejöring or scooters with your dog / scooter (for the scooter). A strong and durable line. This pull line consists of separate components and you can replace parts or remove a line from the bungee, for example to go out with 1 dog. A defective line can also be quickly replaced.
The tug lines with bungee were first extensively tested in Italy and the Netherlands.
Shock absorbers made from strong tunnel tires (polypropylene). The shock absorber absorbs the shocks during activity. The bungee has a strong carabiner that can withstand a maximum load of 600 kg. At the end of the bungee a loop through which the lines can be attached.

The smooth lines made of polypropylene are particularly strong and light. With a loop on one side that can be looped through the bungee and a strong snap button on the other.

All tractor lines meet the regulations and standards of the international canicross and sled dog organizations.

  •     Colors: black and black / red
  •     Cleaning: hand wash