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Finally, a way to get your exercise, as well as being able to store or transport your Kickbike. Have you previously decided not to buy a Kickbike because you weren't sure you could easily put it into the car, and take it to the beach, especially when you had others in the car.

Well, you can now finally transport your Kickbike, along with all the other things you want, in the car boot, caravan, boat or just about anywhere. You'll get all the advantages of kicking wherever you want, as you can now easily take your Kickbike anywhere you want. 

Maybe you just didn't have room at home or at work.  Well now you can store your Kickbike in the corner or your room, the office, and when you do need to use public transport, it's now a lot easier to get onto the train or bus. 

It's the right combination of fitness, transportability and control for adults. It makes getting from A to B more exciting and easier to plan.

Get on a Kickbike "CliX" today, and really make the most of it's kickability. It'll be the most fun you can have on 2 wheels.

It is designed especially for boaters, campers or commuters who need a stable, safe and maintenance free ride but frequently need to pack their gear to a small space. Folding/unfolding the CliX is exceptionally fast (15 seconds at first and 5 after practice) and requires naturally no tools nor detaching any parts. Despite the small 16 inch wheels they have managed to create geometry that is easy and fast to ride. Folded, the CliX stands like a suitcase and offers a solid handle at the balance point for easy handling.

CliX features two brakes, full mudguards and reflectors.

Technical details

  • Frame: Alu
  • Brakes: V-brakes
  • Suspension: No
  • Comes with: bell, mudguards, tool set
  • Weight (kg/lbs): 7.8 / 17
  • Rider Min Height (cm/feet): 150 / 4' 11"
  • Rider Max Height (cm/feet): 195 / 5'10"
  • Rider Max Weight (kg/lbs): 120 / 265
  • Full Lenght (cm/inch): 150 / 59
  • Footboard Height Low (cm/inch): 7,5 / 3
  • Footboard Height High (cm/inch): 10 / 4
  • Ground Clearance min (cm/inch): 4,5 / 1,7
  • Ground Clearance max (cm/inch): 7 / 2,7
  • Footboard Width (cm/inch): 11 / 4,3
  • Footboard Length (cm/inch): 38 / 14,9
  • Wheelbase (cm/inch): 110 / 43
  • Handlebar Height Min (cm/inch): 91 / 36
  • Handlebar Height Max (cm/inch): 104 / 41