Tempish Tropic T Cruiser - 31 Inch

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This longboard Tropic T from Tempish is also called a mini cruiser. When do you buy such a longboard? For example, if you want to drive to work, study or supermarket with your longboard, so you want to cruise easily from location A to B.

This 31 inch Tempish Tropic T longboard has a kicktail, or the tail of the longboard is bent upwards.

The Tempish Tropic T is part of the SURF collection. Boards belonging to this collection are designed for cruising. A SURF board is generally shorter than a standard longboard and is equipped with soft wheels, 78A, in order to experience the sea experience on the street. In addition, the Tropic T is equipped with a special truck that can mimic the feeling of a surfboard.


  •         Deck Material: 7 layers of Canadian maple, top + bottom layer painted in brown color
  •         Shape: Flat Hollow + Kicktail
  •         Dimensions: 31x9''
  •         Flex: 0.5
  •         Grip: OS780
  •         Damping: PUC 92A HR
  •         Wheels: 63x53mm, HR, sand finish
  •         Wheel diameter: 63mm
  •         Wheel hardness: 78A
  •         Truck: 50° - 5'' Carver truck
  •         Bearings: ABEC 7, chrome