Tempish Pantar Cruiser - 28,5 Inch

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This longboard Pantar Cruiser from Tempish is also called a mini cruiser. When do you buy such a longboard? For example, if you want to drive to work, study or supermarket with your longboard, so you want to cruise easily from location A to B.

This 28.5 inch longboard has a double kicktail, or the ends of the longboard are bent upwards. This will help you perform tricks such as the 'ollie' and 'kickflip'.

Tempish has different collections in terms of longboards: Street, Surf, Freeride, Downhill and Carving. The Tempish Pantar belongs to the STREET collection. Boards belonging to this collection are designed for street life.


  •         Dimensions: 28.5 x 8 Inch
  •         Deck Material: 1 Ply Canadian Maple, 6 Ply Russian Maple, 2 Ply Black Color
  •         Shape: Rocker + Double Kicktail
  •         Flex: Stiff
  •         Grip: OS780
  •         Truck: 50° - 5.5'' Tempish truck
  •         Cushion: HR, 92A PUC
  •         Wheels: 63*53mm, HR 78A, sand finish
  •         Bearings: ABEC 9 chrome