Tempish Explorate Skateboard - Complete - 31 inch

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This cool complete 31 inch skateboard Explorate from Tempish is an ideal skateboard for the beginner. The one who wants to learn skateboarding in skate parks or ride through the streets. This board consists of 9 layers of Chinese maple which makes the board heavier compared to other skateboards.

The Tempish Explorate is specially designed for street riding and learning the basic tricks.

The wheels have a hardness of 99A. This hardness ensures optimal grip in skate parks. These wheels are best suited for smoother surfaces. The size of the wheels, 50 x 36mm, is a diameter size where the board is lower to the ground. This allows you to achieve better handling and stability.

The bottom has a beautiful drawing of an astronaut on the moon.


  •         Dimensions: 31 x 8 Inches
  •         Style: Concave Double Kick
  •         Deck Material: 9 layers Chinese maple
  •         Shape: Oval
  •         Grip: 80AB grip tape
  •         Truck: 5 Inch medium heavy duty version
  •         Cushion: PU 92A
  •         Wheels: 50 x 36mm, 99A, white
  •         Bearings: ABEC 5