Roces Ace - White - 40

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Are you also such a fan of sneakers that you would like to roller skate on them? You can, with the ACE Roller Skates from Roces.

Roces has three types of roller skates: Street, Artistic and Aggressive. The Ace belongs to the Street Roller Skates.


  •                  Size: 40
  •                  Shoe: Eco canvas, rubber sole
  •                  Footbed: Anatomical
  •                  Truck: Polypropylene
  •                  Wheels: PVC, 54x32mm 85A
  •                  Bearings: ABEC 1
  •                  Spacers: Aluminum
  •                  Axles: Self-locking nut
  •                  Stopper: PU