Volare Thombike 24 inch / 37 cm boys / back pedal brake black / blue

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Every boy wants to go to school, to his friends, or to the sports club on this cool Volare bike! The saddle and handlebars are easily adjustable in height and the bike has front and rear reflectors plus Battery lighting (red / white). The bike comes with a bell, elastic seat post and a strap on your rear carrier.

Who wouldn't want a cool bike like this here from #KBS?


Volare Thombike 24 inch / 37 cm Specifications

  •     Color: black/blue
  •     Frame material: Steel
  •     Wheel size: 24 inch
  •     Frame size: 37 cm
  •     Stand: yes
  •     Gears: none
  •     Weight: 15 kg
  •     Brakes: V-Brakes front / rear back pedal brake

Looking for a tough, but also robust bike for your boys? Voila, this bike is cheap and extra stable. It has no gears and requires little maintenance.