Popal Daily Dutch Basic+ 24 inch / 3V / 42 cm boys back pedal brake Titan

Item number: 7880

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Popal Daily Dutch Basic+ bike, size 24 inch with a Shimano Nexus 3 hub gear. Frame height: 42 cm for boys with back pedal brake in the fun color Titan.

This Dutch classic is now also available for trendy kids, ready-to-bike equipped. So for a nice low price you have a decent city bike complete with lights, a safe closed chain guard at no extra cost. Below you will find all the details.


Popal Daily Dutch Basic+ (Plus) 24 inch / 3V Specifications

  •     Color: Titan
  •     Frame material: steel
  •     Wheel size: 24 inch
  •     Frame size: 42 cm
  •     Stand single
  •     Gear shift: Shimano Nexus 3 hub gears
  •     Weight: 20 kg
  •     Brakes: V-Brakes front / rear back pedal brake

A classic Holland Bike with three (3x) gears, including jacket protector, luggage carrier front and rear and two battery-operated lights (red / white).