Basil Go bicycle bag double - 32 liters - Black

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The Basil GO, in black, is a robust, high-quality and versatile bicycle bag with a volume of 32 liters. The double bike bag has a pre-assembled MIK adapter plate. The Basil GO Double Bag MIK is a double bicycle bag for the back of a ladies or men's bicycle. Thanks to the MIK system, the bag is also ideal for E-bikes! The double bicycle bag is provided with a pre-mounted adapter plate (70171). This makes the bag suitable for mounting on a MIK system carrier or MIK carrier plate (available separately). Confirmation is quick and easy! You click the bag using the adapter plate on a MIK system carrier or, if you don't have it, on a MIK carrier plate (available separately). The bag has two elastic outer pockets. Handy to bring a bottle of drink or an umbrella. The main compartment is closed with a drawstring and a snap closure. In addition, the bag is made of high-quality water-repellent polyester and comes in a black color. The bag is also provided with reflection on all sides.

Basil GO double bicycle bag 32 liters


  •     Article code: 17781
  •     Colour black
  •     Model: rear bag
  •     Double or single: double
  •     Capacity: 32 liters
  •     Suitable for: electric bike, city bike, city trekking bike
  •     Activity: shopping, out and about, recreational
  •     Material: Polyester
  •     Dimensions: 33 x 16 x 38 cm
  •     Water resistant: splash proof
  •     Mounting: MIK Adapter plate 70171 (included)
  •     Mounting position: luggage carrier
  •     Main compartment closure: snap closure
  •     Extra compartment for: water bottle
  •     Laptop compartment: no
  •     Side pocket (s): yes
  •     Front pocket (s): no
  •     Theft protection: no
  •     Straps possible: no
  •     Removable: yes
  •     Handle: yes
  •     Carrying capacity: 10 kg in total, with a maximum of 5 kg per bag