Sigma Cycle Computer BC 14.16 - Black

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The BC 14.16 is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to move up. The extensive altimeter functions include the graphical altitude profile and the elevation percentage displays. Via NFC technology, the computer can communicate with the Android smartphone, if the free SIGMA LINK app is installed.

Thanks to the integrated trip section timers, sections of an entire journey can be individually registered manually. This allows the evaluation of a segment of the route or an interval training session without affecting the total values ​​of the trip.

The wheel size setting is very easy on the basis of the tire size. The wheel size can easily be set from 16 inch via 700C to 29 inch via the predefined tire size. Manual entry of the wheel size in mm is of course also possible.

Sigma bike computer BC 14.16


  •     Colour black
  •     Material: plastic
  •     Display dimensions: 27 x 37 mm (hxw)
  •     Housing dimensions: 53.2 x 40.3 x 12.2 mm (hxwxd)


  •     Clock (12/24)
  •     Maximum speed
  •     Trip distance
  •     Comparison act./gem. speed
  •     Temperature
  •     Total kilometers
  •     Total Ride Time / Total Training Time
  •     Total distance more wheels
  •     Driving time / Training time
  •     Average speed
  •     Total ride time more wheels
  •     Current speed
  •     Manual start / stop
  •     Auto start / stop

Height functions:

  •     Altitude uphill
  •     Maximum height
  •     Start height adjustable
  •     Height profile
  •     Total altitude meters uphill
  •     Total altitude uphill more wheels
  •     Current increase / decrease%
  •     Current altitude


  •     1 Bike computer
  •     1 Battery (CR 2032)
  •     1 Holder for cable version
  •     1 Wheel magnet
  •     Fixing material
  •     Operating manual