Meilan Bicycle Computer GPS M2 - 266 grams - 2.4 inch - White / Black

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The Meilan bike computer GPS M2 measures all your data during your ride. It measures your speed, altitude, distance, ride time, heart rate and much more. The bike computer works with the built-in GPS chip and has a wireless connection through ANT + Bluetooth. The cycling computer can be connected to a speed / cadence sensor, heart rate monitor and a power meter. Once your ride is over, you can upload the cycling data to Strava, Garmin, Komoot, etc.

Cycle computer Meilan GPS M2


  •      Color: black, white
  •      Material: plastic
  •      Weight: 266 grams
  •      Battery: USB rechargeable 900Mah
  •      Screen: 1.6 inch LCD


  •      1 Bike computer
  •      1 Handlebar mounting
  •      1 Extended handlebar mount