Yedoo Dog Adapter 25.4 For Dragstr, Rodstr, Friday, Mezeq, Mula, City, S2016, S1616,

Item number: 522

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Four legs, graceful movements and atongue lolling. Where is it running? Just for joy, for life itself, the dog would say. So take your scooter and set out together. It doesn´t matter if it'sjust around the house, afield trip, amushing race. Make walking the dog ajoy to you both.

  • Weight: 205g / 0.45lb
  • Diameter: 25,4mm / 1in
  • Material: Aluminium mount, hardened stainless spring and screws
  • Suitable for: Dragstr, Rodstr, Friday, Mezeq, Mula, City, S2016, S1616and other scooters with stem diameter of 25,4mm
  • Dimensions: Length: 52cm / 20.5in (spring)
Note: The tuglines and harness are not included. We recommend buying ahigh-quality short harness and aminimum 2-meter long tugline with springing to ensure the ideal pull distribution that is friendlier to the dog'sback.