Freestyle scooter wheels

Reserve Wheels for your stunt scooter, available in all common diameters and widths. Here you can order 100mm, 110mm, 120mm and + 200mm wheels to change and pimp your freestyle trickscooter. All popular and modern colors are available across Europe directly from our own warehouse. The Reserve Wheels are almost all* including very high quality ball bearings.


Stunt and freestyle scooter replacement wheels

Among all scooter wheels, it is the hard PU wheels of the stunt scooters that have to be replaced often and regularly. Due to the design, there is a certain amount of wear and tear. But often just a landing after a high jump is not intercepted well or landed too sideways. As soon as the jumps get high, the landings hard and the sessions at the spot blatant; then you should always be prepared for a possible tire change.

There are stunt scooter wheels with a great design, but little power when it comes to running time. We from the #KBS Stunt Scooter Team recommend our inexpensive but very high-quality and extra strong stunt scooter wheels. You can order a set of new wheels from us for less than € 50.00. The big brands almost calculate the price for a wheel. The ball bearings are included with us.

If you have any questions about the accuracy of fit on your stunt scooter, we are always happy to advise you. The diameter is always important, but so is the width of the new spare wheels. We have wheel sets for the special JD-Bug scooters. The set includes a large and a small wheel. You order the professional stunt scooter wheels with metal core per piece. Real professional drivers often need 3 or 5 spare wheels. So you can order exactly the number of items you need cheaply and quickly.


Reserve Wheels retract properly

We strongly recommend that you run in the new stunt scooter wheels calmly and professionally. Who screws the wheels under the scooter and drops straight into the bowl; it risks dangerous de-hubbing that can easily be avoided. All experienced stunt scooter riders drive in the new wheels first. Some people change the front wheel first and the rear wheel only after 2-3x sessions. Other riders prefer a complete role change and then a relaxed lap to break in.
It is very important that you first do a few relaxed laps on a good and smooth surface (asphalt, bike path, etc.). You see the first tracks on the tire and the PU can settle in. Drive through the curve with feeling and see that the side surfaces also wear out minimally.

Emergency braking in which the rear wheel locks is fatal. If you manage to brake so hard that the brake locks the rear wheel and you make a skid mark; then the role is almost certainly over. An imbalance occurs due to one flattened side and the next step is a core break of the wheel. Professional stunt scooter riders never hit the brakes, maybe as a show; then when the wheels are replaced anyway. Take care of your new freestyle wheels and do not brake hard!

Modern bearings or ball bearings do not need to be lubricated. Oil is totally old school. The new bearings in the stunt scooter wheels are encapsulated and 100% complete. No oil can get inside. Therefore, ball bearings do not have to be oiled, as many inexperienced claim. Just clean and remove coarse dirt particles. A ball bearing cleaning, for example, WD40 or even less aggressive cleaners is absolutely sufficient. If in doubt, we recommend a new set of bearings. Most of the wheels from our range contain ball bearings.

Now the new wheels are ready to shred. Nevertheless, a little caution is always required when landing. If you crash the wheels with a bad jump, you often lose the guarantee. When in doubt, well-run-in wheels are stronger and last many times longer.

If you ever break a stunt scooter wheel within the first few sessions, we are always happy to check for you whether it is perhaps a material weakness. When casting the PU wheels, irregularities can occur every now and then. If the wheel then snaps too quickly or too blatantly, we are always ready to check the material. In this case, please send us 2-3x photos of the defective wheel. The article itself usually does not have to be sent back to us.

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