Kickbike Cross Max 29 / 26, mat black

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The Cross Max 29/26 is a scooter with huge wheels. The wheels of this scooter are no less than 29 inch (front) and 26 inch (rear). This allows you to make a lot of speed and you can also move easily over rougher terrains. The Cross Max 29/26 can be used on sand, forest and gravel paths, but of course also on a cycle path. The scooter is very light, this is due to the combination of aluminum (frame) and carbon (front fork) as materials. The scooter is very user-friendly, partly due to the hydraulic disc brakes with which you can brake easily and powerfully. The scooter has no suspension, but thanks to the large tires you have a lot of grip. If you do not inflate the tires completely, you also ensure that the blows of the rough terrain are absorbed. When you inflate the tires hard, you can gain more speed.

Kickbike shows that scooters is not only fun for children! The KickBike scooters are recognizable by the hip and sporty design in combination with a professional appearance. The scooters have a large front wheel and a smaller rear wheel, which gives you a lot of grip on the road. Kickbike offers very strong and fast steps that look beautiful. Made in the most beautiful colors, you will certainly steal the show on the road on this scooter!

Technical details

  • Frame: KB-MAX SQ, alu
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Tektro Gemini
  • Front fork: carbon fork
  • Suspension: Yes
  • Wheels Complete (Front/Rear): 29" / 26" with cross double wall alu rims
  • Tires (Front/Rear): Kenda Small Block Eight 29" / Kenda Small Block Eight 26"
  • Headset: 1-1/8” 1-1/2”x39.8
  • Comes with: bell, Tool set
  • Weight (kg/lbs): 9,7 / 21,4
  • Rider Min Height (cm/feet): 160 / 5' 3"
  • Rider Max Height (cm/feet): 200 / 6' 7"
  • Rider Max Weight (kg/lbs): 120 / 265
  • Full Lenght (cm/inch): 198 / 77,9"
  • Footboard Height Low (cm/inch): 9 / 3,5
  • Footboard Height High (cm/inch): 11 / 4,3
  • Ground Clearance min. (cm/inch): 6 / 2,4
  • Ground Clearance max. (cm/inch): 8 / 3,2
  • Footboard Width (cm/inch): 11 / 4,3
  • Footboard Length (cm/inch): 38 / 14,9
  • Wheelbase (cm/inch): 128 / 50,4"
  • Handlebar Height min. (cm/inch): 99 / 38,9"
  • Handlebar Height max. (cm/inch): 104 / 40,9"

They are also made expressly for mushers (dog racers). There arebig wheels for smooth rolling at speed and high cornering traction andhydraulic disc brakes because your dogs are strong. There's lower ground clearance than on other cross models because you want to kick fast. There's a carbon fork because you want it. And Cross 29'er won the world championship title at it's debut.