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We at the #KBS Kick Bike Scooter Shop are purely an online shop. With us you order freestyle scooters from the best brands at the lowest price. In a specialty shop or at a sports discounter, you can marvel at the different models and maybe even try them out briefly. A real quality check as a professional stunt scooter rider would do is not possible. Very often, despite the on-site visit, one is disappointed when shredding for the first time. We have relieved you of the cumbersome choice and deliver exclusively EU branded quality stunt and freestyle scooters to every customer!

You can 100% assume that you can rock the hardest sessions with all your stunt scooter friends. The #KBS stunt and freestyle scooters are worth every euro. From the smallest screw to the axles, the pegs, the grip tape and the handles - pure quality. And for example the 2021 JD Bug Stunt Scooter from € 79.95. Every week at least one of the JD Bug Freestyle Trickscooters takes part in a contest around the world. Check out the global brand JD Bug and become a successful stunt scooter rider yourself.

In addition to the cheap stunt scooter completes, you will also find high-quality stunt scooter replacement wheels, individual quality spare parts to create your own stunt scooter, and from time to time particularly cheap stunt scooter outlet deals with discounts of up to 50% and more. We deliver all stunt scooters to you without shipping costs * including a live link for shipment tracking within 1-3 days across Europe from €100,00.

* 9.95 € - DE / AU / NL / BE free from 60.00 € | * 15.95 € - ES / IT / SE ... free from 100.00 €

Here you can find all information about customizing your freestyle scooters: Assemble your freestyle scooter yourself.

Questions & answers about stunt scooters

To make your search for the perfect stunt scooter a little easier, we have listed the most frequently asked questions about stunt scooters here. We would be happy to advise you personally if you have any further questions.


Which stunt scooter is suitable for children?

For example, a child of 7 years and around 1.25m tall can do their first laps with any stunt scooter. Depending on how high the handlebars are, the child stands a little more upright or leans forward a little. The real differences are in the weight of the stunt scooter and the size of the deck. With the same handlebar height or overall height, stunt scooters can be very different in terms of total weight.

Logically, young kids prefer to ride on a light stunt scooter. The JD Bug 119T models weigh only 3.6kg. and are very stable. The small Jd Bug Junior MS100 are real lightweight with only 2.3kg. Normally, a real stunt scooter has a fixed handlebar that cannot be adjusted in height. Our stunt scooter entry-level class contains hybrid stunt scooters with a folding joint and a height-adjustable handlebar. In this way, the stunt scooters can optimally harmonize and grow together with their drivers.

We recommend the hybrid stunt scooter with adjustable handlebars to young children. We always advise slightly older children to have a stunt scooter with a freestyle bar. As soon as the ramps in the skate park are not only used for going up and down; but also the first jumps are dared - then you should switch to a fully-fledged children's stunt scooter.

Please also note all the tips below on the correct size and height of the new stunt scooter.


What's the best stunt scooter?

The best stunt scooter is the scooter that fits its rider 100%. A freestyle scooter that is tailored precisely to the rider's preferences and needs. So how do you find the best trick scooter for you? First of all, you need to be clear about your personal preferences. Only if you know the individual parts of a stunt scooter can you weigh the various advantages and disadvantages against each other.

In general, the title: "The best stunt scooter" does not depend on the price or on the manufacturer. The (very) best stunt scooter for you and your scooter sessions may be hidden behind a brand that you don't know yet, or behind a color that you actually don't want to have. When choosing your perfect stunt scooter, don't be blinded by the promises and advertisements of the big brands. Please don't think that you get a high quality stunt scooter for free with an eBook subscription. Unfortunately, there are many bad stunt scooters on the internet. Trust our selection and find the best stunt scooter here in our shop.

A sharp design (unfortunately) doesn't make the best stunt scooter either. In the past we have seen stunt scooters in the craziest color decors, which, however, broke into two in the first test. Don't spend $ 300 or more on a bad branded stunt scooter. A good complete stunt scooter is available from € 79.95. For around € 200.00 you get all the individual parts you need to build your own stunt scooter, and then you have a real, custom build, high-end stunt scooter. With slightly cheaper parts you can build a 1A stunt scooter for under € 150.00.


Stunt Scooter - Which Sizes?

Which size stunt scooter should I choose? An important question that often reaches us. Here you will find a practical overview of the perfect size of your new trick and freestyle scooter from the #KBS online shop. All information is approximate. We know team riders aged 17 to 18 who prefer small stunt scooters of less than 80cm. Total height. There are also small junior shredder riders with a height of less than 150cm who may prefer to rock their street spots with bars of + 85cm rock.


Freestyle or Stunt Scooter Size Chart

Age ca.


Body Height ca. [cm]

Bars Stunt Scooter [cm]

to 5

to 100

< 70

5 - 7


60 - 75

8 - 10


65 - 80

11 - 13


75 - 85

13 - 16


75 - 89

over 16

over 170

80 - 89


Choosing the perfect stunt scooter size is part of a process of getting to know your own preferences. We recommend all size tables only as an approximate guide. In the end, the rider has to have the perfect and safe posture on the stunt scooter. Please also remember that a handlebar that may be too long can be shortened. When the bar is cut there is no turning back. Sometimes the choice is 120mm. Wheels instead of 110mm. already the significant difference.

To be on the safe side, when it comes to the optimal height of a stunt scooter, we have to differentiate between the handlebar height, the height of the deck measured from the ground and the total height. The total height is the addition of the length of the bar, the fork and the diameter of the wheels. When doing your research, never confuse the handlebar height with the total height. Pro riders often only talk about the distance from the deck to the rail, the ground clearance.


Which stunt stunt scooter is the best for beginners?

In our opinion, a good beginner stunt scooter should definitely meet the following points:

  1. high quality
  2. cheap price
  3. compatible with all spare parts
  4. Modern technology
  5. robust and "maintenance-free"

As a beginner, you can only really enjoy the great action sports hobby if the quality is right. A low price when buying your first stunt scooter lowers the hurdle and threshold for buying it. You don't have to invest all your savings in a sport that you don't even know if you really like it. If the new stunt scooter is also compatible with all parts of the big brands, then you can build your own custom build stunt scooter from new individual parts in no time, just as you wish. Good, modern and proven technology (compression set / headset etc) lets you have a lot of fun with your scooter every day without having to think about tightening the screws or other technical weaknesses. We think that a good beginner stunt scooter must also be robust and "maintenance-free" as much as possible.

With the 5 point checklist above we have put together our stunt scooter collection. All stunt scooters offered here meet every single point 100%.


Where can you buy stunt scooters and what do you have to consider?

Stunt scooters are now available in a few specialty stores that have completely specialized in the stunt scooter business. Unfortunately, the good local stunt scooter shops can only be found in the big cities like Berlin, Paris or Barcelona. In addition to the real stunt scooter shops, there are a number of different local dealers who offer a few stunt scooters in addition to a regular range; Bicycle shops, hardware stores, discount stores, toy shops ... sometimes only during the season, others only while stocks last.

When buying your new stunt scooter, make sure that you buy a stunt scooter that is stable and of high quality. It's not about the brand or the color, even indirectly about the purchase price, but purely about the individual parts of the stunt scooter and the material used. If the seller cannot or does not want to advise you adequately, then as a stunt scooter customer you end up with a few big question marks in the business and do not really know whether the purchase is really worthwhile.

Buy your new stunt scooter from your local specialist dealer or online. Trust in our action sports and stunt scooter experience, or in the practical tips of local specialist dealers. Only a real rider can advise you as a stunt scooter driver. It becomes very dangerous when you buy your stunt scooter from a (sports) discounter. Some models that we come across on our shopping trips just make us shake our heads.


What do you do when the stunt scooter squeaks?

Squeaking is a problem that is usually not a real stunt scooter problem at all. Old stunt scooters may squeak because a rotating part is no longer 100% OK. New stunt scooters may squeak because the parts have not yet worn in or something has not been installed properly. Squeaking on a stunt scooter doesn't have to be a problem, as there is always a simple solution. Check out our stunt scooter tips below on how to avoid squeaking on your stunt scooter:

  • Stunt scooter squeak (old)

A used stunt scooter is very likely to squeak because one or more of the rotating parts no longer rotate well. It can be caused by the ball bearings in the wheels, the headset, or some similar part. The first step is always a thorough cleaning of all loose parts and the screw points. A bath in WD40 works wonders even with heavily soiled parts. In the longer term, you will have to replace individual wearing parts. We would be happy to advise you on suitable spare parts for your stunt scooter.

  • Stunt Scooter Squeak (New)

A new stunt scooter sometimes squeaks because all the individual parts are new. After assembly and the first test, the new stunt scooter was packed and transported. After the first assembly at your site, all rotating parts must be brought into play. Oil that is encapsulated in the ball bearings must be distributed. Some lubricants are sensitive to temperature. Only if your new stunt scooter still squeaks after a professional assembly and a corresponding break-in period, then we should go troubleshooting together. A squeak on a brand new stunt scooter should go away by itself after the first session.