Foldable Scooters

"Clip-clap Folded Up" - easy to transport and Ready to go within seconds


The #KBS Kick Bike Scooter online shop presents the best brands of folding scooters for all scooter riders. Our foldable scooters are at home all over Europe. In all major cities, Mibo, Xootr and Boardy foldables are available in our shop. Are you looking for a particularly compact and lightweight foldable scooter? Or a slightly larger one with pneumatic tires and a patented, extra flexible locking system? Here you will find the best foldable scooters from the most famous brands.


Foldable scooter

Hey ho, clip clap! Here we go ... our collection of folding scooter and folding scooters inspires commuters, school children and all true city scooter fans. The big question for buying (on the internet) is of course always: "How do I fold the scooter?". A great practical example of folding the high-quality scooters can be found here in the video. The sturdy scooter can be folded in a few simple steps and is ready for transport.


The Xootr brand is a real bestseller among folding scooters. The American brand has been supplying very high quality aluminum folding scooters for commuters in all countries for years. The Kick Bike Scooter online store is Xootr's EU brand partner. You order your new Xootr foldable scooter including an upgrade of the mudguard brake at no extra cost. All Xootr folding scooters are delivered free of charge throughout Europe. On request you can find Xootr spare wheels and other spare parts from us.

Matching the lightweight foldable scooters, you will find a brand selection of great helmets, reflectors and other important accessories for your daily journey on the new foldable scooter. Click here for protectors, reflectors and helmets from the most popular manufacturers.