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Today riding a scooter is much more than just an entertaining trend sport. Around 1817, when Carl Ferdinand Langhans presented the first documented scooter to the public, he would never have guessed how the original kick scooter would develop. How many different models are consolidating and in which different directions the scooter went. Today a good 200 years later there is a lot to report about the history and development of the various scooters. Here in the Kick-Bike-Scooter online shop we give you a few practical tips on buying a scooter online in addition to a summary of the history of its creation.

Anyone who buys a scooter online should be fundamentally clear which direction and what type of scooter they are looking for. Find out more about the different types of scooters, areas of use and technical terms relating to modern scooters from our shop.

Are you looking for a scooter for children with 2 or 3 wheels? High quality scooters with three wheels are also often referred to as kickboards. The big advantage here is that they slide very stable and offer a safe driving experience even without much balance. The original scooter was also a model with three wheels, but two on the rear axle. Most current kickboards have the double wheels on the front.

Another area of ​​use for scooters with three wheels are often the special transport scooters. For example the special model from Monark here, with a large transport platform on the front.

If you want to buy a two-wheeled scooter, the selection is very large and you definitely need advice before buying. We from the #KBS team want you to buy exactly the scooter that A - fits your requirements, B - your budget and C - fits your driving style. Beginners and advanced scooter riders will find the right companion here for many happy kilometers together ‘on the road’.

All Kick-Bike-Scooter scooters for big and small are of very high quality, you are buying a branded scooter at a guaranteed low price. All scooters, no matter how big the packaging; are offered free of charge and delivered quickly, including shipment tracking.

Discover the #KBS scooter purchase recommendations from our range here. Many of our customers also use our scooter buyer guides. Buy recommendations, reviews and more. Click on the link directly to the scooter guide.

City scooter tips

City scooters are very much in demand at the moment. The call for better, more responsible alternative means of transport in the fight against daily traffic jams is growing. We from the #KBS team do our part to make the world a better and greener one by delivering the best city scooters from the hottest brands in Europe. With us you can cruise to the workplace or to an exciting date with practically no exhaust fumes ...

Local public transport and our city scooters are best friends. Here you can order foldable scooters, foldable scooters for commuters and extra cool aluminum folding scooters. The so-called foldables are stowed away in just a few simple steps and you can board the train or bus with you.

The huge advantage of a modern folding scooter is that you do not pay any extra fees to use public transport. A city scooter travels free when folded and laughs cynically in the direction of the bicycle compartment.

If you are thinking of ordering a new city scooter, think carefully beforehand whether you need to fold the scooter or whether you prefer a scooter without a folding function.

We would be happy to advise you on the very latest combi scooters, a combination of sturdy city scooters with 20 ”and larger (air) tires, plus a folding mechanism. We even have folding racing, trekking and touring scooters. Never again will a trunk be too small to transport a sporty city or outdoor scooter.

Please also note whether your city scooter is better equipped with hard PU wheels, or whether most of the roads you drive on are more "rough". Then we recommend a city scooter with pneumatic tires at all times. Good bike paths are absolutely suitable for PU wheels. It becomes problematic on impassable parts and on cobblestone streets.


Buy stunt scooters

Every day we receive many questions about the topic of stunt scooters. The big problem is that the market has been flooded with cheap imports from China and the customer has almost no way of assessing the actual quality. Expensive, even overpriced, stunt scooter brands make prices skyrocket. Discounters, hardware stores and online marketplace brands advertise extremely cheap offers from rather unknown scooter manufacturers. Doubtful reviews greatly distort reality.

When you order a stunt scooter online and rely on product tests from well-known foundations; even then you are not sure that you might get a freestyle scooter of very poor quality. The test and price comparison websites only ever show a certain selection of retailers. The entire market impression is not reproduced. Very good stunt scooters may fall outside of the (online) visibility index.

Order your new stunt scooter here at the Kick-Bike-Scooter online shop and we guarantee that you will get a very high-quality trick scooter at an extra low price. Always including a very comprehensive guarantee and spare parts at 100% fair prices - if necessary. Our selection is small, but extra good. The JD Bug stunt scooters passed all of our tests. Beginners, advanced and real stunt scooter professionals ride the cool freestyle scooters from our company.

If you are wondering what a good stunt scooter for less than 100 € is, then we are always happy to show you the all-time favorite among #KBS JD-Bug stunt scooters. For only € 79.95 (free delivery) you can buy the best scooter to shred street and skatepark from us.

Maybe you would like to order a set of pegs or replacement wheels at the same time, then the shopping cart value is around € 100. At #KBS you get more for your money!

You can also order all your individual parts for building your own stunt scooter from us. From Topbrand JD Bug we have decks, handlebar accessories, clamps, wheels, stickers ... and much more.


Kick scooters for adults and scooters for children

We sell a lot of scooters for adults, because the big ones really enjoy themselves on the scooters and feel like they were in their youth. We have customers who buy their little ones a children's scooter. The kids race through the area on kickboards, balance bikes and scooters and feel really free for the first time - almost adults. With the first scooter, children can suddenly follow the older ones and experience great adventures. By the way, motor skills are trained, both for the kids and for all adults.

Riding a scooter is super healthy and absolutely suitable for every age group. Let us advise you, take you by the hand and go together on the journey to the perfect scooter for all your needs. A large number of our scooters are suitable for young teenagers, adventurous kids and sporty adults at the same time. There are excellent quality brands at rock-bottom prices in many scooter shops, here with us you get personal, friendly service for free.

Our team is very experienced in the scooter world. Here technicians, athletes, parents and salespeople come together. Everyone brings their own personal experiences to the table on a daily basis, and if you have an unanswered question, you will always find the right contact. Be it from the business environment or through experience in the private sector, in our opinion riding a scooter is a hit. At work and during our free time, we use our various scooters and city scooters.

Our children grow up with the scooters and are totally stable on all ettern boards ’at a young age. Riding a scooter is guaranteed to make you a better skateboarder, snowboarder. Even tennis players or boxers can improve their skills by doing balancing training on a scooter. More than just a handful of Sport Revalidation Centers use scooters as therapy.

Real scooter families have a whole garage full of different scooters. Anyone who has fallen for the cool cruising feeling is guaranteed to want more. If your children ride back and forth with a stunt scooter in front of your nose every day, then it may be time for you to think about the right scooter for you personally.


The cheapest scooter

The cheapest scooters from the best brands from Europe can be found in our Kick-Bike-Scooter Outlet. We put a discount between 5 - 50% and more on the cheap brand offers! These are scooters from test drives, showroom models, returns where the item was returned 100% unused and the like.

A real outlet without compromise. Each article shows exactly what the reason for the price reduction is. We offer a new goods guarantee on all outlet items. Hit it fast now and order the cheapest scooters on the net. The quantities are limited and each offer is only available as long as stocks last.


Tretroller für Erwachsene & Teens


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