Kickbike Sport G4 review

Test report 2021 by the Kick - Bike - Scooter - Team #KBS on the best-selling Kickbike branded scooter of all time. Discover all the plus points and test results for the modern, timeless and super stable Kickbike Sport G4 here. We offer you an overview of all product data, a brief explanation of delivery and assembly; as well as an extra in-depth test report on the sporty G4 model from our top brand Kickbike.

A Kickbike Sport G4 is a real all-round scooter that appeals to a very wide target group. The areas of application are extensive, the range of accessories is extensive and the purchase price is absolutely fair. You can find the G4 Sport scooter, for example, among dog scootering friends (Urban Dog mushing), with large scooter rental companies and even with real off-road racers. Many families can afford one or more G4 Sport Kickbike (s) as a second scooter, as a robust all-rounder that the whole family can ride.

There are many other old and new test reports on the Kickbike Sport G4 online. The great all-round scooter cut a good figure under all test conditions and prevailed against the competition. We also rate the Sport G4 kickbike scooter: “Very good”.

Product data Kickbike Sport G4

The pure key data for the robust Kickbike G4 Sport scooter convince every technology connoisseur. The plus points leave no room for doubt. For over 10 years the G4 has been an absolute front runner in its respective model version. Few comparable scooters can look back on such a long and comprehensive success story. The strong components and the unique design make every scooter driver a lot of fun.

Here you can see the product data for the Kickbike G4 Sport from our Kickbike kick scooter test, below we have listed all the pluses:

  • Frame KB-G4 steel
  • Brakes V-brakes
  • Front fork steel
  • Wheels (front / rear) 28 "/ 18"
  • Double-walled rims (aluminum)
  • Tyre Kenda 28 "/ Kenda 18"
  • Including kickstand, mudguards, tool kit
  • Weight (kg / lbs): 9.9 / 22

Advantages of the Kickbike Sport G4:

  • Adjustable aluminum handlebar (angle inclination)
  • Aero-style steel fork
  • maximum load 120 kg.
  • Stainless steel deck integrated in the frame
  • 2 x V-brakes / front - back
  • Black metal mudguards
  • Cane Creek head ball bearing 1 ⅛ "
  • Double-walled racing rims 28 ″ / 18 ″
  • Lowering kit in the rear fork
  • Adjustable and comfortable stand
  • Available in matt black, red, blue and orange

The adjustable handlebar head is a big plus, combined with the two different deck heights; adjustable via the lowering kit in the rear fork. The G4 is also aimed at very sporty, ambitious drivers. The handlebar has two integrated "horns", the brakes and the bell are easy to reach in every handlebar position. Both sporty and very relaxed scooter riders feel comfortable from the first moment.

If the G4 Sport Kickbike is sold out, we guarantee that it will be available again within a few weeks. The following models from the large Kick Bike Scooter Shop #KBS offer you similar specifications:

There is an e-scooter, an alternative from Yedoo or several from Crussis as well as a slightly modified G4 version of Kickbike.

If you have any questions, our customer service will always be happy to advise you on the perfect scooter and your requirements. For very, very sporty scooter riders, we recommend a look at the Rax Max kick bike with two narrow 28” wheels.

Delivery and assembly

We will deliver your new Sport Kickbike * free of charge with our shipping service provider GLS, within 1-3 days throughout Europe. You will receive a relatively large box in which all parts are securely packed. Please check upon delivery whether you can see any delivery damage to the shipping box. If everything is OK, you can start right away. If there is a problem or damage, please report it as soon as possible.

The #KBS team strongly recommends that you familiarize yourself with the assembly and the respective work steps before delivery. All kickbikes have global, well-structured assembly instructions both online as a digital version and in the packaging as a print version.

The G4 kickbikes, as well as all other kickbike scooters; are delivered pre-assembled as far as possible. For example, the spokes of the rims are well tensioned and each well aligned. The brakes are perfectly preset and even a beginner will have absolutely no problems installing them. Compared to other brands, the kickbikes are all very good, and most importantly, very fully assembled.

If you want to assemble your new kick bike like a pro, you can get a tube of assembly paste in advance. The threads of the handlebars, those of the quick release ... here and there you get to tighten the brand new threads. With the assembly paste you can carefully loosen and remove every screw and thread. A layer of silicone spray protects the new screw heads from rust. It can be very useful for the mudguards or the handlebar bracket.

As a precautionary measure, we recommend setting the brakes so that the rear brake engages first. In this way, you are guaranteed to brake more and more with the rear brake and come to a safe standstill. In the test, we could not provoke the kick bike and let it tip forward, even with the front brake on. The risk of a rollover is as good as impossible. A very big plus point of all scooters compared to bicycles of the same type. You drive, steer and brake very stable and safe.

In total, it takes about 60 minutes for a completely new G4 Kickbike to be professionally assembled and checked. It is also faster, as a beginner you can easily plan two hours.

In addition to assembly paste and silicone spray, an air pump is very important! In addition to the necessary tools, Kickbike also provides a small, fine travel air pump for the G4 Kickibke. A large workshop air pump with a barometer makes it easier to inflate and gives you certainty about the tire pressure. Then the first round of testing can begin.

Accessories kickbike

If you like, you can order the following accessories for your new Kickbike G4 Sport. These may make a lot of sense and are usually quickly reordered by many customers.

  1. Electric rear light / for example: Spanninga Rear Light Nr 9
  2. Electric handlebar front light / projector depending on requirements
  3. Mobile phone holder / attachment to the handlebar
  4. SIGMA scooter computer
  5. Handlebar bag small for accessories / snacks
  6. Air pump barometer car valve / combi
  7. Helmet & Gloves

Of course, as an official Kickbike brand partner, we also carry all the necessary spare parts for your G4 Sport Kickbike. From tyres, tubes and handlebar grips to complete pre-assembled spare wheels and more. Even suitable Kickbike team rider clothing is available on request - we always love to hear it. #KBS is your number 1 Kickbike brand partner in Europe.

Kickbike Sport G4 test ride

Before the very first test drive, you should make sure that everything is well assembled and that you are safely on the road. Have you checked all the screws and tightened them well? Are the spokes well tensioned and do the rims run smoothly and smoothly without beating? Do you have a feeling for the brakes and do you feel good all around on the new G4’er?

In case of doubt, a private property or a large parking lot is well suited for the first test drive with the new Kickbike Sport G4. At this point we assume that you are familiar with scooter riding and that you have mastered the technique of changing feet.

Our test ride with the Kickbike Sport G4 by our big kickbike test went very well without any problems. After just a few meters you will notice what an incredibly great scooter is floating under your feet across the street. After about a kilometer, the G4 Sport feels absolutely familiar and literally screams for more

Test drive bike path / street

Of course, we didn't go 100% straight away, but tried our Kickbike Sport G4 test model on a regular road and on a normal bike path. Even on uneven spots and with potholes, the G4 model made a very good shape and was safe to drive.

You drive down the transition from the curb to the street without fear and with full confidence. Traffic-calmed zones are particularly fun. The “speed bumpers” and the serpentine lines make every kickbike rider a lot of fun.

If you want to equip your Sport Kickbike according to the road traffic regulations in Germany. A rear light, a front light and possibly additional reflectors are a necessary addition. Usually there is no problem, even with a standard Kickbike Sport which does not have factory electric lights. However, the tires have reflective strips, or there are two cat eyes per wheel as standard.

One point that you may have to practice is turning. If you take the first bend with one arm to indicate the direction for other road users; then a little more balance and concentration is required.

All Terrain test drive Kickbike Sport G4

A Kickbike G4 Sport feels just as good and safe off-road as it does on normal paths. It even always lures a little more out of the driver, as you actually thought. You take turns very steeply, you don't avoid a single bump, and you are definitely not too afraid to do a few daring drifts yourself. Downhill runs that you definitely wouldn't have dared to do on a mountain bike.

A Kickbike Sport G4 is 100% off-road and does not shy away from any off-road trip. Starting with lawns, over hilly forest paths to mountain bike courses - the Kickbike Sport G4 convinced us in all terrain facets.

Even on the beach, when the tide is out, a Kickibke is perfect for cruising. With a tailwind we drove for kilometers to the next coastal town here in Belgium by the sea.

The sturdy mudguards and the clever deck construction protect the driver from mud, sand and dirt when driving off-road. The wide handlebars quickly give you that MTB feeling. Compared to pure off-road scooters, the Sport G4 cut a particularly good figure. If you are looking for an all-round scooter with a tendency towards off-road riding, then the Kickbike Sport G4 is the right choice. You'll be amazed!

Conclusion Kickbike Sport G4

The conclusion to the Kickbike Sport G4 test in the #KBS Kick - Bike - Scooter online shop is very, very positive. We are completely satisfied and can confirm all other positive test reports. The Kickbike Sport G4 is a top scooter for adults, for dog lovers, for families and even for off-road fans who like to go on a trekking tour.

If you compare the purchase price of the Kickbike Sport G4 with that of a bicycle, it is clear that you get a lot more for your money with a Kickbike scooter. The quality is outstanding and the design is perfect. The assembly is easy and the scooter is qualitatively pre-assembled, delivered in a very good shipping packaging. The entire Kick - Bike - Scooter online shop team is hooked on the Kickbike Sport G4. More test reports on the hot kick scooters from Kickbike will follow in the near future.

The Kickbike Sport G4 impressed us so much that nothing stands in the way of using it as a rental scooter. As soon as the season starts and all rental options are available, the #KBS Kickbike Rental is officially open. We rely on the stable G4’s and the wide range of possible uses for large, small, young and old scooter riders.

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