The big kick scooter Test 2022

Now in the test, the best kick scooters of the 2022 season in the big #KBS Kick-Bike-Scooter Practice and Product Review. We present our selection and test winners for the categories of all-round scooters, cross and race scooters, foldable scooters and the best freestyle and stunt scooters for kids and teens.

Here you will find the latest and hottest models from the best EU brand manufacturers. Discover the 9 best kick scooters of the year 2022 now. Click into the table of contents of the scooter test 2022 to go directly to your favorite scooter of the season.

Kick scooter test 2022 - reasonably priced, high quality and reliable city scooters, urban scooters, trick scooters, BMX 12” kick scooters, stunt scooters and kick scooters for adults in the #KBS test report. Practical experience, purchase recommendations, insider tips from the scooter professionals.

Test Report: 9 kick scooters for all ages

Mibo Revoo 28/28 - Yellow - Michal Kulka Edition

Former kick scooter world champion Michal Kulka put together this scooter from the best parts with his flair and passion for quality. The scooter guarantees extremely easy driving characteristics. This kick scooter is great for touring.

  • Trigon carbon front fork
  • Mavic Cosmic Elite UST 28" rims with Continental Ultrasports in 23-622
  • Controltech TT carbon brake lever on a Controltech Aero 420mm handlebar
  • A minimum weight of only 8kg.

Yedoo S2020 Allround Kick Scooter

A handsome kick scooter athlete in the city and tough outdoor guy, the new Yedoo S2020 is a true adventurer. It takes every curve unhindered and is wonderful to drive, whether in the mountains, in the city or in the forest.

  • User weight of up to 150kg
  • Body height from 150cm
  • TEKTRO ML 520 V-brakes
  • NOVATEC hubs on 20" wheels with KENDA 20" x 1.5 tires
  • Total weight 9.3kg

Mibo Royal & Mibo Split

The Mibo Royal 20/20 is our first choice for a real all-round scooter. Especially when kids and teens also use the kick scooter. If it is more of a trekking and touring scooter for the family with older kids, then a Mibo Split 26/20 is the better choice. The difference between a 26” and a 20” kick scooter is particularly evident on long journeys. The latter are primarily intended for crossing and racing.

Mibo Royal 20/20

  • sturdy folding scooter of the new generation with a modern design
  • User weight of up to 150kg.
  • Handlebar height adjustable in BMX style, min. 104 max. 107 cm
  • 20 ”Schwalbe Road Cruiser tires 20 x 1.75
  • V-brakes Shimano
  • Total weight: 10.45kg

Mibo Split Orange 26/20

  • Trekking and touring kick scooter
  • Fits in every car 120x80 cm (folded)
  • Caliper Shimano 4000 brakes and other high quality components
  • 'Easy to fold' - folding system
  • User weight of up to 150kg.
  • Total weight: 9.8kg, a little lighter than the Mibo Royal

Kickbike Clix 2.0 White

Update! New version since July 2021. The favorite foldable Kickbike CliX 2.0 is suitable for all commuters and outdoor people who like to exercise and who want to move easily and quickly within a radius of a few kilometers. Spontaneous and 100% modern, that's what the new foldable kick scooter range from the top brand Kickbike is built for.

  • Equipped as standard with: bell, mudguards, tool set
  • Total weight only 7.8 kg
  • Handlebar height variable from 91cm to 104cm.
  • Footboard height low 7.5cm to high 10cm.

The new Swifty Scooters

SwiftyAIR MK2 All Terrain kick scooter

NEW 2022 - a very modern all-round scooter that is guaranteed to be at home in any terrain! Please note that a very good air pump should be part of the basic equipment of every Swifty scooter. The off-road all-terrain tires are inflated with around 5.5 bar air pressure. The maximum pressure is 6.9 bar!

Here are the most important key data on our favorite kick scooters for the 2022 season. An all-round off-road scooter with a minimal weight and the highest quality components from the entire range of all scooters for the 2022 season.

  • Frame: T6 aluminum 6061 (heat treated)
  • Fork: steel with 15mm offset
  • Tektro V-brakes front and rear
  • 16″ / 305 x 1.9″ GMD high-performance tires (approx. 5.5 bar)
  • Ground clearance: 75mm
  • Total weight: 8.9 kg
  • Maximum user weight 150kg.

The SwiftyAIR MK2 All Terrain scooter has a fixed handlebar stem, which means that this scooter cannot be folded. Nevertheless, the pack size is so small that this kick scooter fits perfectly in any trunk.

Swifty ONE Marine MK3 - Polished Aluminium

If you are looking for a foldable and maybe even more exclusive all-round kick scooter from the new UK brand Swifty, then the Swifty ONE Marine MK3 - Polished Aluminum is our first recommendation to you.

  • Limited edition, only 25 pieces made
  • Ultralight (7.8 kg), adjustable and foldable
  • Hand polished frame
  • Anodized hubs and sealed bearings

Click on the product picture of the new and hot Swifty ONE Marine MK3 for more information on the total weight, pack size and further details.

Kickbike Cross

Our shop brand number 1 Kickbike brings us this year at regular intervals with new deliveries of the best and latest Kickbike scooters of the 2022 season. Several models of the new collection have already left our warehouse. A real favorite is the chic Kickbike Cross Fix model in the fashionable color Oker Metallic with a shimmer of gold. Here you can find all available kickbikes in our shop:

Kickbike Cross Max 20HD + technical data:

  • Weight: about 9.8 kg (including mudguard set)
  • Middle running board height: 13cm / 10cm (can be changed by hanging the rear wheel)
  • Handlebar height: approx. 104 cm
  • Wheelbase: approx. 117 cm
  • Total length: approx. 175 cm
  • Deck: L x W 38 x 10.5 cm
  • Recommended load up to max. 120 kg

Individual components and details of the latest Kickbike vary depending on the equipment and production date. As an example, you can see the details of the Kickbike Cross Max 20HD + above.

Invert Sullivan BMX 12” kick scooter

100% fun and endless hours on and off the familiar paths! The latest Invert Sullivan BMX scooters offer a kickstand in addition to the usual strong components. The bright red model is now available at #KBS!

The handlebar height of 81cm. is perfect for all teens and kids from around 5 years. Kick scooter test winner 2022 Place 7 is the great all-round 12 ”BMX scooter from the top brand INVERT. If everything works out, more color designs will be available soon (* as of December 2021).

The Invert Sullivan Orbit scooter suitable for every terrain.

  • Sufficient braking power with the rear V-brake
  • Handlebar height 81 cm
  • Handlebar width 60 cm
  • Ground clearance approx. 8 cm
  • With black kickstand

For the 2021 season, the Invert Sullivan BMX scooters in blue and neochrome were the absolute bestsellers. We couldn't leave it there and so we personally tested the kids - teen BMX kick scooters. Click here for the #KBS Invert Sullivan BMX 12” kick scooter review.

JD Bug 118 PRO

The perfect entry-level stunt scooter for all kids from around 10 to 16 years of age. Our top children's scooters and freestyle scooters of the next generation impress with their extremely robust appearance. The JD Bug Pro freestyle scooters are very stable companions and can withstand any fall.

  • Bar: Chromoly steel with Pro BMX grips
  • Headset: integrated with sealed bearings
  • max.loadable weight: 100 kg
  • Total height: 89 cm
  • Total weight only 3.5kg!

The CE quality label guarantees officially and 100% tested that the 118 Pro freestyle scooter line from JD Bug is a real quality stunt scooter. We offer the high-quality trick, stund and freestyle scooters at a fair online price. Available in 3 hot designs: Dark Knight - Silver, Primal Zerg - Dark Green and in Phoenix - Bronze.

Which is your favorite freestyle scooter?

Chilli Pro Scooter Beast V2 Freestyle Scooter

The very popular new Chilli Pro stunt scooters are this year's Pro Stuntscooter winners from the big scooter test 2022. The V2 model of the Neochrome Beast freestyle scooters are so intense, you will be speechless!

The total height is 85cm. slightly lower than the JD Bug stunt scooter test winner. The Chilli Pro freestyle scooters are primarily aimed at experienced drivers. The handlebar height is perfect for the thickest lines in your bowl! The HIC compression and the high-quality headset are absolutely secure and ready for your first contest runs!

  • T-Bar Alu 6061-T6 Dimensions: 61cm x 58cm - (L x W)
  • Deck Alu 6061-T6 Dimensions: 50cm x 11.5cm - (L x W)
  • Wheels 110m Bearings: ABEC 9
  • Compression: Chili Spider HIC
  • Total height 85cm
  • Total weight only 3.5kg!

Conclusion kick scooter test 2022

Here in the summary you can find the opinions and reviews of the #KBS Kick-Bike-Scooter kick scooter test team. Our conclusion on the 2022 kick scooter test. Basically, like every year, it was very difficult for us when the opinions and points of two models were very close to each other. So it came about that we occupied different places with two models from one manufacturer.

In the foldable kick scooter category, we are very pleased that this year we were able to present a few kick scooters with pneumatic tires and completely different dimensions in addition to the well-known small city kick scooters with a folding mechanism. The engineers from Swifty and MIBO, among others, have once again sent absolute showpieces into the race.

High-quality stunt scooters are becoming more affordable every year and are still very popular. Both stunt scooter for beginners and freestyle scooter for professional riders will find a recommendation for the best freestyle scooter of the season with us. JD Bug and Chilli Pro made it into the big kick scooter test by the #KBS team this year.

In addition to the quality stunt scooters for teens and kids, we have other trick and freestyle scooters on offer. When it comes to kick scooters for kids the modern 12” BMX kick scooters from the top brand Invert are always popular. Whether in the very popular neochrome look from 2021, or in the 2022’s metallic red version with stand; our Sullivans are great for all kids. The robust construction and the simple assembly guarantee a place among the test winners in 2022.

Adults, teens and adventurous kids explore all the ways with our trendy off-road and all-round scooters. The fun is limitless, no matter which age group has just taken over the wheel. A pneumatic tire scooter with the appropriate frame is a guarantee for exciting excursions! Yedoo and Swifty are the season's first recommendations for the best models.

Trick, stunt, freestyle, urban, off-road, cross, BMX and foldable are technical terms and categories of the many different kick scooter models in our range. Right at the top of the list, however, have always been the absolute masterpieces and highlights of the scooter racing world. Only very few models, which in turn are only manufactured in very limited numbers, amaze all real technology and kick scooter fans from the very beginning.

MIBO’s Michal Kulka Design 28 ”racing scooter is the best and most up-to-date example of why all racing scooters represent the upper class of the entire scooter world.

A total weight of only 8kg. can be achieved nowadays with carbon forks and other high-tech parts that are otherwise only known on a bicycle.

We are proud to see our stock of the limited Mibo Revoo 28/28 in yellow in Michal Kulka design.

Tip! here it goes to our Kickbike G4 Sport test report an absolute classic among all all-round kick scooters. If you like, you can find more informative practical tests and purchase recommendations on our kick scooter buyer's guide page.