Kickbike & freestyle Scooter Test 2021 Adults / Teens

Here you can find the 2021's Top 9 ranking results of the #KBS Kick Bike and Stunt Scooter online shop team test. We are presenting our test reports on the best 9 freestyle scooters and kick bikes by our different categories, for example freestyle scooter and balance bikes for children, kick scooters for teens and off-road dogscooters for adults. Our professional scooter team has extensively tested the different models for you.

We proudly present the winners of the big kickbike and freestyle scooter test. Find your new scooter for the 2020/21 season here.

UPDATE! Meanwhile, here we have the kick scooter test of 2022 and the latest popular models from the kick scooter scene.

Discover now the top 9 kickbikes and freestyle scooters of 2021 at the handy Kick Bike Scooter online test report. Each model is 100% worth a recommendation. Many models are available in different colour decors or versions. We will be happy to advise you personally if you have any further questions about the scooter test 2021.

Publication: November 2020 / Reading time: 7 minutes 54 seconds / Author: Kick-Bike-Scooter Product Quality Management Team

Kickbike & freestyle scooter test 2021 winner

  • Yedoo S2620 Black
  • Yedoo City Black
  • Boardy Bamboo Silver
  • Xootr Street Incl. Fender
  • Kickbike Cruiser Max Black 26"/20"
  • Crussis Cross 6.2 Green 26/20 Hd
  • Mibo Split Disc Black
  • JD Bug 119T Python Green
  • Yedoo One Too Trainingbike Tealblue

Here you can see an overview of the kickbike and scooter test 2021 winners by the respective categories. Below you will find a test summary for each scooter and a link to the detailed product page with a lot of detailed technical data. The YEDOO brand leads the 2021 scooter test with three winners in different categories. Boardy our scooter newcomer brand, JD Bug the freestyle scooter pros, Kickbike the number 1 with Cruissis at eye level - here at the #KBS Kick Bike Scooter Online Shop you will find all the classic big, new and highly recommended brands by the scene.

Test criteria scooter Test 2021

Voila, up here you can discover our selection of the top 9 scooters for the season 2020 / 2021 by the Kick Bike Scooter Team. Test criteria were, in order of priority: the price, quality, design, reliability - as well as the availability of spare parts, the manufacturers warranty and, very important: the level of how easy the step can be put together by the customer after delivery.

All winners of our 2021 kickbike and freestyle scooter test have fulfilled the criteria for 100% and have withstood our other general practical tests. Trust in our fair and critical scooter test 2021, we present you only the highest quality kickbikes, freestyle- and city scooters of the best brands.

For you as a customer, the price is of course the top priority, as it is in our scooter test. Only if the price is really reasonable and favourable compared to the competition, the scooter was included in this year's evaluation. Our JD-Bug trick and freestyle scooters are absolute price hits. We often receive enquiries for a good freestyle scooter under 100 GBP. We are proud to say that we can offer very high quality freestyle scooters from under 50 GBP. A real professional stunt scooter costs only about 55 GBP. Directly to the offer click here: JD Bug 119T completes and single parts to build your own scooter.

The quality of all available scooters is consistently at the top of the maximum achievable level and is absolutely reliable even after years. All imaginable wearing parts can be replaced quickly and easily. Some of the models can be ordered either with V-brakes or with disc brakes. Or you can choose from different types of handlebars. Freestyle scooter handlebars can be shortened and the handles of all scooters can be changed to suit your own taste.

The design of the new 2021 scooters is fresh and modern. We deliver all new models and the hottest colour combinations. Matching the rider and of course the riding style you will find decors like Phyton Green, City Black, classic Silver, Urban Bamboo and more. An absolute team favourite is the ultra hot Crussis Cross 6.2 with its neon colour design. A Yedoo City Black is a bit more discreet, but at second glance it shines with the sharp coloured brake cables in Yedoo design.

Reliability is the key when you want to drive from A to B. No distance is too great with our reliable and high-quality scooters. Discover now the test winners in the categories trekking, racing and fitness - they outdo each other with the best parts you can find on a professional bike or scooter. The kilometres fly by when you set off on your new brand of scooter. But also our stunt scooters and wheels convince with a solid construction and reliability in every situation. European brand quality and passion make it possible, we are known for our high quality range.

Kick scooter presentation

Here you can get to know the 9 test winners better. Read the short summary of the scooter test 2021, or click on the product description with details of each part of the scooter. If you have any questions about the kickbike and freestyle scooter test or any of the test winners, don't hesitate to contact our customer service today.

Allround Kickscooter

Yedoo S2620 black

The Yedoo S2620 is an all-round steel kick scooter for adults and grown up teenagers. It is at home everywhere, whether in the city, off-road, in a fun park or even on a mountain bike course! The S2620 by our top brand Yedoo is the number 1 kickbike and scooter tip 2021.

The deck of the 2620 is adjustable. Just like the handlebar height. The maximum load is 130kg. and the minimum rider height is 150cm. We offer a three-year comprehensive manufacturer's warranty on the Yedoo S2620 and all other Yedoo scooters.

Click on the link and check out the hottest kick scooter of 2021.

Fun Kickbikes

Yedoo City black

The City Black from Yedoo is a multi-talent. At home in the city and perfectly prepared for excursions of all kinds. The maximum load is: 120kg. The small Yedoo City scooters fit perfectly to the younger target group from 7 / 8 years. To keep up with parents and big siblings on a Yedoo 2620. Nevertheless, all parents can ride a Yedoo City at will. Our Yedoo City is also very popular among students, and especially among active and young adults.

The handlebars are adjustable in angle and height. It is a 100% BMX handlebar.

Every Yedoo City kick scooter for kids and teens has a seal of approval by the well known TÜV Rheinland and is manufactured to a very high standard. The total weight is only 9,5kg. All single parts are from well-known manufacturers. Click here for a detailed description.

Design test winner

Boardy Bamboo silver

A very exclusive foldable kick scooter with a bamboo deck. The Boardy Silber is available in red and blue just like its silver colleagues. Combined with the pneumatic tyres, it offers a wide range of possible uses. Whether as a compact scooter for commuters, or as a travel off-road scooter for action fans with little transport possibilities. Boardys offer maximum stability and very, very, very much riding comfort. The deck and tyres elegantly cushion all rough terrain.

More information about the product, click here: Boardy Silver. P.S. the handlebar clamps are available in different colours, depending on the model.

Foldables test winner

Xootr Street incl. fenderbrake

Full ON aluminium kick scooter of the upper class. The American Xootr kick scooters have always been an integral part of the city and urban scooter category. The new 2.0 Xootr Quick Latch closure system allows the Xootr scooter to be opened and locked in seconds with a single movement. You can get on the kick scooter directly out of the train and start riding! When you order your new Xootr at the Kick-Bike-Scooter Shop, the fender brake is pre-assembled as standard (at no extra cost).

The Kick - Bike - Scooter Xootr scooters can be found throughout Europe. With names in London, Cambridge, Riga, Zurich - all modern world cities offer perfect routes for a ride on a Xootr. Join the family of Porsche riders among the folding scooter friends.

#KBS is Xootr brand partner Europe. If necessary, we will deliver all spare and tear parts of the Xootr scooters directly from our stock. We will be happy to check for you whether it is a warranty case.

The hard PU wheels of the Xootr scooters last about 3 - 4 as long as a top and middle class bicycle tyre. As a rule our customers have been using the Xootrs for about 2 or 3 years before it is time to change the wheels. The Xootr Street is our test winner 2021.

Kick scooter #homesharing

Kickbike Cruiser Max black 26"/20"

The family scooter for daily use. A Cruiser Max Black is primarily suitable for cycle paths, roads (asphalt) and well prepared paths. The Kickbike scooter is equipped with various reflectors and is compatible with any LED bicycle lighting. A Cruiser Max is our scooter tip for all families.

The high quality and perfectly manufactured scooters of the brand Kickbike guarantee the real Kickbike feeling. We at the Kick Bike Scooter Shop are brand partners and supply not only the tip top scooters but also all the individual parts.

The height of the running board (deck) can be adjusted by quickly and easily repositioning the rear wheel. All dog owners also swear by the solid and stable Kickbike Cruisers. The maximum load is up to 120kg. The pneumatic tyres cushion all obstacles well. More information can be found here on the product page.

Off - Road Kick scooter 2021

Crussis Cross 6.2

The hottest off-road kick scooter of the 2020 season, and for 2021 the Crussis Cross 6.2 again shines among the test winners. The ingenious design and hot colours make this off-road scooter a total eye-catcher. And even at second glance you can see heaps of high-quality technology combined with perfect workmanship. Almost every mountain bike is envious at the Off-Road Crussis's, the 6.2 26/20 HD model is the test winner at the outdoor categories Off-Road, Downhill and Funpark.

Are you a real action sportsman? Then check out the specs on the 26/20 HD by the top brand Crussis at the #KBS Outlet here. The mountain bike tyres make off-road riding the most fun you've had since the invention of off-road scooters. The whole concept and even the riding style flatters every downhill rider and funpark freak.

Trekking - Racing Kick scooter

MIBO Split Disc

100% Hand Made in the Czech Republic by the experienced brand MIBO. The Split is a top class racing and trekking scooter. The frame is (of course) made of steel, but the total weight is less than 10kg. The kick scooter for all race fans is equipped with Caliper Shimano 4000 brakes at the front and rear. The tyres are two Schwalbe Marathon Racers of 26"-1.5 front and rear 20 "x1.50 on one Novatec hub each. With the Split kick scooter from MIBO you can accompany all your racing bike friends on their rides on an equal footing.

Kilometre after kilometre, the MIBO Split is great fun! And it can also be quickly assembled and disassembled for stowing in the boot or, for example, in the train compartment.

MIBO's Split Disc is our recommendation for the year 2021 to customers looking for a foldable Racing and Touring Step. The racing, trekking and touring kick scooters are guaranteed to delight you, click here for more MIBO scooters and other parts.

freestyle Scooter test winner 2020/21

JD-Bug 119T freestyle Scooter

With 79cm. total height and a total weight of only 3,6kg. the 119T by JD-Bug is the perfect beginner freestyle scooter. The height is in the middle segment, and the total weight can compete with the absolute top class stunt scooters.

All parts, such as the deck, bar, fork and wheels are interchangeable and compatible with all regular stunt scooter parts. The handlebars can be shortened as required. Kids of all ages will have their first try in the skate park, on the halfpipe or in the bowl on the 119T freestyle scooters by JD-Bug.

Even experienced trick scooter riders choose the JD-Bug 119T when it comes to buying a high quality but low priced freestyle scooter. If required, you can order all the individual parts by JD-Bug here at the #KBS Outlet to create a hot custom made freestyle scooter yourself.

EU-Made balance bike #o1

Yedoo One Too

An EU-Made balance bike with a solid Hi-Tens steel frame. The Yedoo One Too balance bikes are suitable for children of +1,5 years or approx. 85cm. body height. In total a Yedoo Wheel One Too can carry up to 50kg. body weight load, enough reserve for the wildest rides - or the big siblings...!

The seat height is adjustable from minimum 30cm. to maximum 41cm. For big friends of American police cars there is a Yedoo One Too Special Edition. In the near future more new models will be released here at Yedoo balance bike Outlet Online.

Very closely followed in the scooter test 2021, but actually not a pure balance bike are the multi function balance bikes and kickboards by the Austrian Brand Scoot and Ride. Thanks to a patented folding system, the balance bikes can also be used as kickboard, running device or mini freestyle scooter. If you are interested, you can find the whole balance bike collection at low prices by the best EU brands at the #KBS online shop here.

Click on the link for more information about the test winner balance bike 2021: Yedoo ONE TOO Tealblue.

Name Audience Link
Yedoo S2620 Black
12+ / Teens & Adults more information
Yedoo City Black +7 / Kids, Teens, Adults more information
Boardy Bamboo Silver +9 / Kids, Teens, Adults more information
Xootr Street incl. Fender University / Business more information
Kickbike Cruiser Max 2620 +8 / Kids, Teens, Adults more information
Mibo Split Disc Black (Race - Touring) Sport more information
JD Bug 119T +7 / Kids, Teens more information
Yedoo One Too Tealblue +1,5 / Kids more information
Crussis Cross 6.2 (Off Road - Downhill) Sport more information

Test Winner freestyle Scooter & kick bike test 2021 - Product test video Crussi's Off-Road Scooter Team event #KBS Kick-Bike-Scooter Online.

Click on the links in the test overview table above, or on one of the pictures in the test report. You will get to the article page with extra detailed information on the individual parts, areas of application and special features of the respective model.

During 2021 we will publish another scooter test report on the best new releases. We were allowed to admire a few models behind closed doors! Let me tell you this much, it will be hot. There will be some really big new releases that will make every scooter rider's heart beat faster. Subscribe to our Facebook channel and never miss any news from the scooter world again.

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