Assemble your own Freestyle scooter

Individual and exclusive custom freestyle scooters, 100% configured according to your personal wishes? No problem, here we from the #KBS Funsport Team explain how you can put together a functional stunt scooter yourself, and which parts are particularly important. Your new custom build stunt scooter is just a few clicks away! We guarantee every rider absolute quality items from the best brands at a fair price. Until we count - by riders for riders, let's shred!

Assemble your custom freestyle scooter

Do you want to put together a custom freestyle scooter completely according to your ideas and ideas? Have you been looking for an individual stunt scooter parts setup that really suits your preferences for a long time?

Kick-Bike-Scooter #KBS offers you a manageable selection of the best brands of stunt scooter parts. Even with our deliberately small, fine selection, there are an infinite number of possible combinations to design a custom build scooter yourself, or to equip it with individual parts. Stunt scooter beginners and / or parents of aspiring freestyle riders are quickly overwhelmed when choosing the right individual parts. What goes with what?

If your new custom build freestyle scooter is already assembled in the shop after ordering in the network; then for you as a thoroughbred driver the most beautiful part, the assembling of the individual components, is no longer necessary. In our opinion, you assemble your stunt scooter yourself, or use a complete if you are unsure. If you like, you can find all pre-assembled freestyle scooters here in the #KBS stunt scooter shop.

If you follow our tips to assemble your freestyle scooter when ordering the individual parts, then in the end none of the parts will be missing and everything will fit together. From experience we know how annoying it is if, for example, the front axle is not compatible with the front peg, or worse, the new OS T-bar does not fit on the headset.

Kick-Bike-Scooter #KBS is the number 1 brand partner on the net for cheap stunt scooter parts that keep their promises. Furthermore, we also carry very old, little-used and special parts, some of which are exclusively available from us. Find out more about all the details and the biggest problems around the topic: "Assemble your own freestyle scooter".

Select freestyle scooter parts

At the very beginning, the question of the perfect colour design and a few must-have freestyle scooter parts often floats through the rider's head. Will it be a black freestyle scooter with a neochrome T-bar? Or maybe a gaudy model with a Y-handlebar and two different roller colours. In case of doubt, colours and handlebar shapes can be combined as desired.

The important question is whether you want to build an extra robust street freestyle stunt scooter, or should it be a light skatepark performance trick scooter? To make it easier for you to start selecting the individual parts, we have prepared the following three questions:

  • Which deck is your favorite? The deck influences the choice of headset and wheels as well as the brake or fender.
  • Which type of handlebar and which fork do you prefer? This depends on which compression system and which clamp is required.
  • Will it be a light skate park or an extra powerful street spot scooter?

As soon as you are fundamentally clear about the key data of your new stunt scooter, you can go into further details. A short list, handwritten or on the iPhone, iPad etc. is very helpful!

Titanium, steel or aluminum bar? HIC or SCS? Stunt Scooter Wheels in 120mm. or rather the classic 110mm. Wheels? Attention - the width of the wheels must also match the deck. Some manufacturers supply extra wide wheels these days.

Logically, the handlebars of the self-designed scooter have a certain overall height. All professional riders shorten the new bars with a saw to the respective total height. Remember that you can keep shortening the handlebars, it is not possible the other way around. You cannot extend a stunt scooter bar.

There used to be so-called bar extenders, but in our opinion these are no longer from that time either. We explain the optimal freestyle stunt scooter complete height on our shop page with all completes (if you still doubt what suits you at this point).

Order freestyle scooter parts

Searching, selecting and ordering all individual freestyle scooter parts in the #KBS Kick-Bike-Scooter Shop is very easy and flexible. We recommend that you create a personal customer account. This is the only way to save your shopping cart for as long as you want.

If you are unsure or if you have doubts as to whether everything really fits together when ordering, you are always welcome to contact us free of charge. Either via email or in person on the phone. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Click on the link to get to our contact form or Facebook chat from the #KBS Freestyle Scooter customer service team - professional purchase advice on freestyle scooter parts and stunt scooter completes. Put together direct links to the individual parts of the freestyle Scooter yourself:

What goes with what? Freestyle Scooter Parts

Basic rules for putting together a new self-made stunt scooter. What fits to what? Which freestyle scooter parts and systems are compatible, which combinations are universal? The #KBS Kick-Bike-Scooter freestyle team shares important practical tips for your next custom build stunt scooter according to your own design.

Freestyle scooter deck

Which freestyle scooter deck goes with which headset? There are so-called standard decks and integrated decks. The rule of thumb is very simple:

  • Standard deck = standard headset
  • Integrated Deck = Integrated Headset

Freestyle Scooter Fork

Which fork fits which compression system? Which compression do you prefer? There are: HIC, ICS and SCS. Depending on the compression system, you choose the fork. HIC and SCS compressions require a star nut or an insert (thread).

Freestyle scooter bar

Which handlebar goes with which clamp? There are generally two different bar diameters which logically require a different clamp.
There is the standard bar, which is always made of steel, which requires a standard clamp with a 31.8 mm diameter.

Then there is the aluminum bar, which has a thicker outer diameter due to its light material and therefore requires a clamp with a diameter of 34.9 mm, these bars are also called OS bars. OS stands for Over Sized.

Steel bars that have a label such as OS or HIC also have a large outer diameter. However, they also have a larger inner diameter and can therefore only be used with a HIC system and a clamp with a diameter of 34.9 mm. There are adapters for the SCS system for every HIC bar.

Attention: Some HIC bars also have the designation OS, but since the HIC bars are always made of steel, they also have a different inner diameter, while the inner diameter of aluminum bars is the same as that of the standard bar.

Conclusion, HIC bars can only be installed in combination with a HIC system and are not compatible with any other! Unless you use an adapter as mentioned above.

The headset is also always ordered to match the handlebars when you assemble the stunt scooter.

Freestyle Scooter Wheels

Which wheels fit the deck and the fork? The front and rear wheels must match the fork or the end of the deck. Each fork and each deck has a maximum diameter specified when it comes to the compatible wheels. Nowadays the standard goes to 120mm wheels. Some time ago this was only 110mm. Your old deck and the old fork may not be suitable for 120 or even 125mm wheels.

Freestyle scooter brakes

Which brake fits the respective stunt scooter deck? Basically, only the brake designed for the deck fits. There are ways to swap a brake for a fender. In case of doubt, the radius of the brake plate or the drill holes for fastening are decisive.

Freestyle Scooter Compression

Which freestyle scooter handlebar fits which compression type? Before buying handlebars, riders should decide on one of the compression systems. SCS or HIC are the standards. ICS is a bit out of date.

ICS compression requires a standard or ALU bar.

An SCS Compression requires a steel SCS bar with a slot in the foot part.

A HIC bar is always made of steel and absolutely requires a HIC or OS Compression that is specially marked in the description.

Caution: HIC bars also have the designation OS, since the HIC bars are always made of steel, they also have a different inside diameter, while the inside diameter of ALU bars is the same as that of the standard bar.

Universal freestyle scooter parts

The stunt scooter component combinations below are universal. The parts only have an indirect relationship to one another when it comes to compatibility. With the right parts in between, for example between the fork and the bar, these always fit.

  • Which handlebar for which fork?
  • Which handlebar for which headset?
  • Which deck for which fork?
  • Which clamp to which deck?
  • Which headset for which handlebar?

Extra cheap freestyle scooter parts for building your own freestyle scooter are available here in our #KBS Kick-Bike-Scooter Outlet. Perhaps you would like to find out more about our payment and delivery options before ordering. Click on one of the links, if you have any further questions, we are always happy to hear. Click here to read our large FAQ, full to the brim with test reports and practical tests. And on the following page you will find the 2021 kick-bike-scooter freestyle scooter test.