Kickscooter & freestyle Scooter Buyers-Guide

Check out what the hottest, best and cheapest kick scooters and stunt scooters / trick scooters are this season. Check out the great and very detailed reviews of the latest Kickscooter releases. We are happy to present you our practical scooter guide. We are always happy to advise our customers personally on specific inquiries, for example about the perfect handlebar height. Don't hesitate and contact us today.

Soon you will find many more reviews and practical buyers guides for our kickbikes and stunt scooters. Find out now about the best kick scooters and freestyle scooters of the 2021/2022 season. Our fat bike and kick bike Fatmax scooter buyers guide is brand new. The hot skateramps for teens and the new balance bikes for kids are real top sellers of the new season.

Here you will find the latest practical test for the popular Invert Sullivan BMX scooter.

Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide Kickscooter

When we receive news about a new Kickscooter arriving on the market by one of our topbrands, the whole team gets very excited.

The first reviews we can read are always great news for us. At the moment we enjoy ourselfs on one of the brand new releases we won't stop riding around until someone calls us in.

We love to test all models and we love to have fun while testing out possible special features. Once we are ready to write a buyers guide, you can be for 100% sure that we have gathered a lot of experiences to tell you about.

Freestyle scooter test

Of course you can give your new freestyle scooters to some of your Teamriders to have them checked out a local skatepark or spot.

We preffer to have a technical look at all new freestyle scooter releases, to be sure that the measurements are right, that the spare parts are matching and that the complete proves what it claims. Like the right total height, the wheel sizes etc.

Afterwards our freestyle scooter team is introduced and asked about first impressions. In the end, we're guaranteed to find the very best stunt scooters of the season. Our freestyle scooter quality check finds nothing. An example of our extra high quality standards is the selection of high-quality freestyle scooter parts and the inexpensive freestyle high quality wheels in all sizes.

Buy cheap scooters

For the price-conscious customer, we have a separate category with inexpensive scooters. The scooters for a under €150.00 are absolutely high quality and very popular. Discover all scooters in the #KBS online shop for a smaller price, from the best brands and including free delivery*.

For us, cheap means 100% quality and zero compromises. We are only satisfied if you have a lot of fun and get the most out of the scooter. We don't want to fool you into cheap imported products, we convince with EU brand quality.

For a slightly higher purchase price between €150 and a maximum of €300 compared to a new branded bicycle, the selection is even greater. Real kick scooter professionals will find their dream scooter in the category with all upper class models from €300.

The #KBS Kick Bike Scooter Online Shop Buyers Guide provides you with independent and always up-to-date information on all news on the subject of SCOOTERS. We are at home in the kickscooter world, in the stunt and freestyle scooter scene, but also with dog scooting associations or off-road kickbikes / MTB associations. Our news and buyers guides are for absolute newbies as well as for die-hard professional riders.

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