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The big #KBS Kick - Bike - Scooter Size Guide. Size charts for all common sizes and all other special sizes. Here you will find bike size charts for the right frame sizes and tire sizes. We have an overview of all scooter and bicycle spare tires as well as further information on the perfect size of stunt scooters for kids and teens and the handlebar heights of scooters for adults.

In the bike and scooter size guides you will find size charts with age recommendations and buying tips. With our free information, every customer can quickly and accurately find the right item. If you have any questions about the perfect frame height or the optimal handlebar height on the scooter, our customer service will answer all inquiries quickly and professionally.

All size guides are available both interactively and online. As well as on request as a free .pdf document as a download. You can save, share and print the size guides. As soon as new tire sizes or other sizes are added, for example to fat bike tires, we adjust the data and update it promptly.

Size Guide Kickbikes, freestyle scooter

Click here to download a free .pdf document of our Large Bike, Stunt Scooter, and Kick Scooter Size Guide. The download starts automatically. Download and print now: Size Guide Kick Bike Scooter.

In the table below the graphic, the tire size refers to the diameter of the rim including the tyres. You will find the ETRTO dimensions for the spare tires and the corresponding frame size. In addition, there is further information, age recommendations and tips for the most common frames.

You can search for a children's bike based on the size. You buy a bicycle for adults based on your height. The frame height or the frame size is measured from the center of the pedal axis to the end of the seat tube (without seat).

The overall height of a kick scooter is not equal to the handlebar length. With a stunt scooter you have to add the wheels and part of the deck to the handlebar length. For all freestyle or stunt scooters there is an indication of the handlebar size and an indication of the total height. Kick scooters for adults sometimes have a variable handlebar height of x to y centimeters. This indicates the total height measured from the ground, to be set similar to a bicycle using the handlebar screw connection.

The following overview explains the different frame sizes and tire sizes. From 12" balance bikes to 20" BMX bikes to large 28" bicycles, you can clearly see the different dimensions. There is also another overview of the various kickboards, stunt scooters, kick scooters and kick bikes. With a scooter or stunt scooter, it is important that your hands If the handlebars on the scooter are higher than the driver's chest, your hands will fall asleep after a few hundred meters while driving!

Thumb Rule Stunt scooter total height = between the rider's chest and navel

Regular bike frame height = about hip height below the waist

As with any good rule of thumb, there are always one or more exceptions. BMX bikes, for example, only have a relatively small frame, but are also very suitable for teens and sporty adults. Furthermore, of course, there are exceptions in terms of body size, both upwards and downwards. A young person with a small body height should always feel safe on his bike, the frame must not be chosen too big too early. There are also teens who almost crack the 2 meter mark at a young age. Then it is logically recommended to use a correspondingly large frame directly.

For the very young kids, kickboards and scooters that grow with them are perfect. The Scoot & Ride brand from Austria, for example, offers very good kickboard - impeller combination models. From 1-3 years sitting and from 2-5 years standing on the kickboards and balance bikes of the top brands from #KBS.

Children from about 5 years, teens and young adults have a lot of fun with our high-quality stunt scooters for every taste and requirement. We also offer 12" BMX scooters with pneumatic tires and real all-round scooters for the whole family. From a height of around 1.40m you can easily ride a 26"/20" scooter. Click here for high quality Kickscooters for children and young teens.

Tire Sizes

Every bicycle and every kick scooter with pneumatic tires needs a tire and an inner tube. Tires come with different valves and, like inner tubes, come in many different sizes. We have summarized the most important and most common sizes of all replacement tires for bicycles and scooters here. Certain manufacturers, for example Schwalbe, also use their own size scales and specifications.

In general, it is best to observe the now outdated ETRTO measure. You can find the dimensions of diameter and width in centimeters on every bicycle and scooter tire. You can also find the right hose quickly and easily with the right data. You can search and save tire sizes online and interactively here. Below is a link to a free printable .pdf document.

Click here to download the #KBS tire size guide and save the .pdf file. Tip: you can also print the file directly from your browser without downloading it. As soon as new tire sizes are added, the document will be adjusted. For free .pdf download: Tire size overview. Please only print out the document if you really need it. We're building on a digital future and trying to use as little paper as possible, are you going too?

Size chart helmet

In addition to bicycles and kick scooters, there are also different sizes for each helmet model. In contrast to shoe manufacturers, helmet manufacturers have not (yet) agreed on a regular size. Attached you can see a short summary of different helmet sizes from our brand partners. The circumference of the head is measured at forehead height. Further size information and brand size guides can be found on the product if available. Basically, the size between a bicycle helmet and an action sports helmet is identical. It is important that the helmet on the head has little or no room to move. Children's helmets should fit well even if the head moves unexpectedly and should never slide forward towards the nose.

UVEX Bicycle Helmets

  • 54 - 58cm = Size S / M
  • 58 - 62cm = Size L / XL

Chilli Pro Stuntscooter Helmets

  • 53 – 55cm = Size S
  • 55 – 58cm = Size M
  • 58 – 61cm = Size L

Scoot & Ride Helmets

  • 45 – 51cm = Size XXS / S
  • 51 – 55cm = Size S / M

Melon Helmets

  • 46 - 52cm Size XXS / S
  • 52 - 58cm Size M / L

Common helmet sizes are between 45cm. for children's helmet and about 62cm. for large mountain bike and action sports helmets. Depending on the version, there are various upholstery and adjustment options. Click for the category with all EU brands helmets. We carry bicycle helmets, action sports helmets and helmets for children.

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