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The #KBS Kick - Bike - Scooter online shop and its team introduce themselves. You are on our About us page, with information about the shop and its employees. Below you can find current feedback from our customers on the Internet about our service and products. Click here for all information about the Kick - Bike - Scooter Team and here for all customer ratings.

Team Kick - Bike - Scooter

The Kick - BIke - Scooter Team introduces itself. We are a young dynamic team, and YES we love cruising through the area with our steps and scooters. Be it on the way to the office or home after work. The KBS TEam is out and about on our streets with all kinds of scooters every day. Another important point unites us, in our childhood we each had a classic scooter for children. Some of the workforce went to the next party on a Mark K2 kickboard in their teenage years. While the others showed off their tricks in the skate park on a BMX bike or on Rollerblades.

Today things like lightness and stability count for us, back then it was bad stickers on the scooter and self-painted handlebars. We grew up with the scene and have known the different scooter models since the 1st release day. In addition to kickbikes, stunt scooters and city scooters, we have always been surrounded by bicycles and related accessories. At any time, at least one technician (within shouting distance ... !!!) is available from our workstations to answer your technical questions.

Nowadays we are proud to sell top brands from the industry at real asking prices. We deliver all over Europe and our customers are at least as proud as we are to drive a #KBS scooter. Our team looks forward to your feedback, questions and comments. We'd love to talk to you. We are always available by phone and email.

The online shop #KBS Kick-Bike-Scooter-com is part of the Solar Enterprises group. We have our headquarters in Belgium by the sea in the beautiful town of De Haan. From here we conduct orders and deliveries across Europe. Our dispatch warehouse is located in the heart of the Netherlands. We usually deliver to your door within 1 - 3 days. After delivery, you will receive a voluntary right of return of 14 days for all items (unused items in their original packaging). If you don't like a color or a model - we'll take it back with no ifs or buts.

Customer ratings

Current and real customer reviews from the net are the be-all and end-all of every online shop. We do not hide and ask you at any time for your honest and open opinion about our products, our service and possible complaints. If there is any problem, we ask you to contact us directly and personally whenever possible. We handle guarantee applications, revocations and warranties quickly and always 100% customer-oriented. We try to avoid comments about a late delivery by providing a continuous and clear notification of the delivery time. Please understand, however, also for a possible seasonal delay. During the holidays it may take longer for your package to be delivered.

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