Tempish Flow Pintail Longboard - 42 Inch

Item number: 16261

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This cool Tempish Flow is a pintail longboard suitable for both beginners and advanced. A pintail longboard has a pointy shape at the back. This prevents the wheels from touching the longboard, which makes you more agile. With a pintail board, the front is rounded.

The Tempish Flow is a 42 inch longboard that is perfect for carving. Carven is a style where speed is created by steering left and right without continuously pushing off with the foot. The carving is also called pumping.

Longboards belonging to the CARVING collection are perfect for riders who like longboards that hold their line well in turns. Longboards that don't move much to the side when making turns. CARVING longboards do slide, but are generally equipped with lipped wheels that provide more grip while maintaining speed.


  • Material: Upper and lower layer of bamboo, in between 5 layers of Russian maple
  • Shape: Rocker concave
  • Size: 42.5x9.4''
  • Grip: Spray grip tape
  • Flex: Stiffness + Flex 0.5
  • Damper: PUC 92A HR
  • Wheels: 70x51mm 78A, smooth finish
  • Truck: 50° - 7" inverted truck, matte finish
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 Chrome
  • Maximum loadable weight: 100kg