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Skate, skateboards, skateboarding, longboarding, skating, cruising, carving, pushing, popping... Skateboarding has been around in Germany for so long that all words related to the greatest leisure activity have become German. Titus Dittmann, American soldiers, old hippies who love to travel and others gave us the first skateboards in Germany in the early 90s. The first in the list meanwhile stands for a whole brand plus some very respectable skate projects in Germany.

Skateboarding is very common in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all other European countries. The #KBS Funsport and Skateshop will deliver your new deck, the wheels and the whole set to your front door in no time at all. With us you will find the entire selection of all popular and well-known shapes. We carry regular skateboards as well as a large selection of longboards for skating.

Skate und Longboards

Tempish Amar Longboard - 36" Freeride Skate Collection #KBS


Find out now about the differences between a skateboard and a longboard. Check the specs and descriptions of the #KBS Funsport Team's favorite skateboards and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We would be happy to advise you on your new skate deck before you buy it.


Longboard vs. Skateboard

What are the differences? Longboard vs. Skateboard, the #KBS Funsport and Skate Team explains the most important features and differences of the different decks. You can skate with either type of deck. Even if you're on a longboard, you're a skater. We think that we are all a family and that skating connects us. Each deck type has its sub-categories and every pro has decks for very different uses.


Features Skateboard

  • Design: Short and mostly symmetrical
  • Length: between 70cm and 90cm
  • Trucks: relatively stiff and very robust
  • Wheels: small, hard to medium hard


Features Longboard

  • Design: Long and mostly asymmetrical
  • Length: usually 90cm or longer, or extra short and wide
  • Trucks: soft, partially push carving trucks
  • Wheels: large, soft to medium hard


In summary, one can quickly explain the difference between a skateboard and a longboard. Skateboards are short with a symmetrical deck and relatively hard wheels. The skateboard decks and trucks are less flexible compared to those of a longboard. With a skateboard you can do small fast turns, make jumps and try ollies. Skateboards are used for street tricks, bowling and halfpipe skating.

With classic longboards you can travel comfortably. The long design gives a lot of stability. Longboards are therefore very suitable for all skate beginners. Typical longboards have four thick wheels and a deck that gives way as soon as you stand on the skateboard. Depending on the design, the longboard trucks support the push and you can carve across the asphalt as if by magic. Even with a good longboard that offers enough flex, you can push and gain speed without pushing yourself off.

In addition to the long longboards, there are now longboard shapes that are shorter than most skateboards. On top of that, there are real micro skateboards that only fit the tips of your toes. A very short but wide longboard is more manoeuvrable and easier to ride, especially in the city. Pro old school skaters use a very popular longboard bowl shape just like a skateboard. The tail has a kick, the decks are often found in bowl skating.


Tempish Skate Teamrider Video

Enjoy a few minutes of skateboarding action with us. Take a look at the hot Tempish longboard and check out the many tricks that are possible on the new complete from our top skate brand.



At #KBS you will find a small but fine selection of the best-known and most popular skateboard shapes. We deliver the best EU brand protectors to your deck at low cost. Above all, we recommend a helmet at all times! Knee pads are worth their weight in gold for all daredevils and should be replaced regularly. Other skate accessories and of course all important spare parts are available in the shop or on direct request at any time.

It goes without saying that we also deliver the best skate ramps for your new skateboard! We are your number 1 action and fun sports partner on the web. With our skateboards and longboards you can make your skate dreams come true.


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