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Scooter brands & manufacturers

Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, USA, the Netherlands; the list of the biggest scooter nations reads like a travel guide for nature and outdoor lovers. The Czech Republic, in particular, is one of the countries in which scooter riding is unexpectedly widespread. As a one hundred percent scooter friend, you are in good company in the above countries. It is not surprising that the largest scooter nations also produce the most successful scooter brands and manufacturers.

The #KBS online shop presents a selection of the best brands, the most successful long-established brands and the real newcomers who supply us with 100% quality scooters. We are pleased to be able to offer you the best manufacturers as well as the classics of the scene together with new fresh brands. Below you can find out more about the different scooter brands and the innovative manufacturers.

A large part of the Kick - Bike - Scooter scooters from our range are produced by European manufacturers and are delivered to you without much detour through our shop. Small prices and great service for the best offers from the most influential brands in the world of scooters!


#KBS is a Yedoo Europe brand partner. You will find the entire available range of hot Czech brand with us. From very high-quality wheels to large scooters; every YEDOO rider cruises past you with a big smile on his face. All Yedoo’s are real masterpieces in terms of workmanship, design and driving experience. Join the large global family of Yedoo scooter riders.

Do you doubt between a Yedoo Wolfer or a cheaper Yedoo Trexx? Are you wondering why a Rodstr 20/16 is more expensive than a comparable scooter from the hardware store or from the (sports) discounter? Should the kids learn to ride a balance bike in the same chic design next to your Yedoo Mula scooter? Questions about questions and many personal preferences, we look forward to every new request that comes in on the subject of Yedoo scooters. You can find more information and all offers for the Yedoo scooters in the #KBS shop here.


The Kickbike brand connects with the Kick - Bike - Scooter Shop, not only because the brand is part of our company name. We are all 100% convinced kickbike fans. The phat, chic, robust and also beautiful but totally simple kickbike scooters are fun and keep what they promise. From the simple all-round kickbike, to all of the upper class scooters; every kickbike has a clear and unmistakable design.

The all-round cruiser kickbikes are particularly successful. The reliable and solid E-Scooter version of the Kickbike Cruiser is brand new. An absolute customer favorite and eye-catcher on every slope, that is the Kickbike Fatmax with extra thick oversized tires.

In our shop you will find all kickbike scooters as well as the corresponding original spare parts from the Finnish top brand itself, plus other accessories from our EU brand partners suitable for Fatmax, Race Max, Sport Max, Freeride, Cruiser ... Discover the brand and the manufacturer Kickbike among the top 10 best scooter brands.


Just like our partner brand Yedoo, the MIBO scooters also come from the beautiful country of the Czech Republic. The innovative brand was founded before the turn of the millennium. At the beginning, Břetislav Michálek had a training device for skiers in mind, but nowadays the result is reaching an even larger target group.

Small units, lots of details, high quality standards - and right at the top “good vibes”! A maximum of 2,500 MIBO scooters leave the factory in the Czech Republic every year. This is why all MIBO scooters are very popular and mostly out of stock. The company officially writes that quality comes before profit maximization and internationalization.

#KBS as a MIBO brand partner has access to all models and all of this directly from their own warehouse! We are guaranteed to deliver your new MIBO to your door at a fair price, including shipment tracking.

Click on the link and find all MIBO scooters in the Kick - Bike - Scooter online shop.


The new and modern brand Crussis is number 3 in our range of top scooter manufacturers and producers from the Czech Republic. The hot off-road and sports scooters mixed, and still mix up the scene today. In a niche in which there was no supplier until now, the Crussis brand has flourished since 2015. Well-known manufacturers such as Shimano, Schwalbe, Mitas or Tektro can be found on the parts list of the cool scooters.

Crussis kickbikes are at home where mountain bikes are to be found. At downhill parks, in fun parks, off- and on-road - but the main thing is with lots of fun and action. Check out our Crussis range here, for example the Crussis Cross Off-Road scooter and the high-quality accessories. In the very near future you will find even more fun sport scooters from well-known manufacturers such as Crussis in our Kick-Bike-Scooter Shop.

Swifty Scooters

We, that is the #KBS Shop, are Swifty Europe brand partners, in our shop you will find all Swifty city scooters as well as all accessories of the popular brand. Swifty branded items are in great demand in Europe.

Swifty Scooters - discovered the freedom and versatility of commuting with this two-wheeled, foldable dream machine. Swifty scooters were developed as alternative sports products with the mission to bring fun and adventure to urban life. The high-quality kickscooters really give everyone a healthy kind of freedom of movement in the big city jungle. Swifty Scooters- Freedom to move

The following link takes you straight to the brand page with all Swifty Scooter products in the #KBS online shop. We deliver all Swifty Scooters products directly to your doorstep within 1-3 * days.


Name a Finnish Kick bike company with an E? Exactly, Esla is the number 1 answer among all scooter riders. Esla transport scooters are practically indestructible. Finnish elemental forces on the way in a laboratory, at trade fairs or at universities. The 4100 and 4102 Esla scooters reliably transport every passenger and the sometimes very delicate goods. The special white coats, the extremely practical folding mechanisms - an Esla scooter convinces when it comes to very special areas of application.

Esla scooters show many very detailed extras, for example the lighting integrated in the front mudguard, side reflectors on the bike, extremely smooth and powerful Hand brakes ... more details per scooter like that we can list them all here. If you are interested, please click on the link in the text or on the Esla logo above and you will get to the Esla brand page in the #KBS Shop.

All Kick - Bike - Scooter Shop employees will be happy to advise you at any time on the possible uses of the Esla transport scooter. Every day we are extremely enthusiastic about the high-quality scooter manufacturer Esla.

We are especially happy if we can introduce you to a new brand. For example the “Newcomer” Crussis or Scoot and Ride. In the end, our customers very quickly become the biggest fans of the new brands and very often want to buy a T-shirt or other brand accessories as well. As soon as new merchandise of the scooter brands comes out, it will also be available from us. You know our category with the coolest scooter clothing and all brands of shirts, right? If not then click here and quickly order your own shirt or a water bottle, or a towel, or a sticker set ... or a ... ... more scooter accessories.

#KBS counts more brands like the best scooter shop in your region. In addition to the large and small brands visible here, we have many other branded parts and unbranded items in our range. Often a short email is enough and we deliver the coveted part which was sold out at all other dealers.

Make sure you also use the #KBS spare parts service. So-called spare parts are our hobby. To this day we have been able to help every case, no matter how severe, on its way. Some customers refer to us as the general German (scooter) service. It doesn't cost anything to ask, and we're always happy to help. Small adapters, large spare parts, loose frames, tires, grip tape etc. from our brands supply the right parts for your scooter project.

Of course we are also known in the stunt scooter scene. We are happy to advise all riders who would like to assemble their own stunt scooter from individual parts at any time. For a first overview, go to the shop page with all leading stunt scooter manufacturers plus all brands of individual parts for building your own scooter.

Other scooter brands & manufacturers

Every customer will find the top 10 scooter brands and manufacturers in the #KBS shop. Plus many other trendy and reliable brands on top of that. Our EU brands and the other international brands are largely TÜV-tested and have all the necessary seals. We sell our customers quality scooters from companies with a philosophy, from brands with a vision that we also share, from new and old players from the scooter scene. The #KBS team is familiar with the range and we are excited to follow all the news about the top brands from the world of scooters.

Trust in our experience when it comes to choosing the best and most reliable brand partners from the net. You will be so familiar with many brands that the logo and the top products of the season are right in front of your mind.

KBS Shop brand partner

  • Xootr - "Urban Transport & a work of art"
  • JD BUG - stunt scooters, wheels, spare parts, etc. #KBS top brand
  • Scoot and Ride - balance bikes and kickboards, Made in Austria. EU brand
  • NEEWA - Dog Scooting and Mushing Top brand for dog lovers and scooters