Buy BMX Bike Online

The chance that you will buy your first online BMX bike today is very high. May we take you by the hand on the last steps to purchase and advise you optimally? A suitable BMX freestyle bike should be based on your height, your experience and your preferred spot. Let's start at the very beginning and ask yourself the following question:

"What kind of BMX bike would you like to ride?"

Are you here to buy a BMX bike for your child? Make sure to take a look at our children's bikes and special BMX bikes with training wheels > BMX bike for children. Are you looking for a BMX for yourself and it is your first BMX bike? Then we are mainly interested in what you expect from the new BMX bike or what you have planned? If you order your first BMX here today, make sure that it has the right frame height and tire size.

We deliver BMX bikes in different sizes, for many different needs and target groups. At the very top, the pros fly with our BMX bikes over dirt tracks, 4 x cross race tracks, downhill routes and through the bowls of the skate parks. In the middle there are many beginners who are honing their first real tricks, dare to jump higher every day and are heavily impressed by the pros with every event.

At the very beginning, many young kids start learning to ride a bike with a cool BMX children's bike from #KBS. Here you can buy all kinds of BMX bikes from the best brands for a real internet price. For a surcharge, it is possible to deliver the BMX's assembled, or to assemble or remove the appropriate accessories. Here is an overview of all available BMX accessories from our warehouse.


We would be happy to advise you personally on the phone or via email on the question: "Which BMX is suitable for adults?" We carry various contest BMX bikes that are also suitable for tall adults and teens. In general, a 20 inch BMX is ideal for all situations (skate park, bowl, dirt, downhill, pump track). Directly to the BMX Pro Bikes, click here.