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#KBS is your new online bike shop with an XXL selection of the best bikes at a fair price. We are enthusiastic bike fans and always very enthusiastic about all special new releases. With us you will find modern Fat bikes with extra thick tires, BMX bikes, beach cruisers, Dutch bikes but also very classic bikes without big extras. Bicycles that run well, that you sit comfortably and relaxed on, and above all a lot of bicycles that are 100% inspiring.

We deliver all bicycles directly from Holland from our own extra-large warehouse. We don't have any extra expensive brands, we have sensible and high-quality bikes from brands that appeal to every customer. Branded bicycles that you can trust with every kilometer and that can be fitted with any number of accessories if you wish. For example, what do you think of a sharp bicycle helmet, a bicycle bag or a cool basket with a fork holder? Discover our wide range of the best brands from Holland and all over Europe.

Buy a bike online

Your plan is to buy a bike online. The big question arises: "Where can I buy a bicycle online?" Do you prefer to trust one of the XXL marketplaces for buying bicycles? Or choose an online shop with a direct contact person, where you can receive personal online advice from specialist staff. Of course you want to buy your bike cheap online, but you also don't want to fall for a promising offer; where you end up having no fun with the product.

Do you really need 100,000 immediately available bikes in your online bike shop and that from over 90 alleged quality brands? Or do you prefer to trust the sensible dealer with a manageable selection of really good and current bikes from a few good brands?

Every online bike shop has its own charm. Don't be blinded by the design elements of the new wheels. The most important thing about a bike is good, high-quality technology. Please make sure that your bike has all the options you need (gears, luggage rack, bike bag (s)) and that your bike has the right frame size. Basically, you choose a 28 or 26 inch wheel size and the right frame height.

We supply bicycles of all sizes and types. Our team has more than 10 years of practical experience, sometimes we come directly from the Dutch bicycle trade and rental here at the bicycle online shop. We know the differences between typically German, French or Dutch bicycles. We are happy to share our practical knowledge with you when it comes to assembling a Fat Bike replacement tube. Or if your speedometer just doesn't want to show the correct speed.


Click on one of the links above to go directly to the offer. Click here to go to the bike bags and spare parts.

Tire size / frame height bike

We deliver all common tire sizes and frame heights, both as men's and women's bikes. We carry balance bikes, BMX bikes and fat bikes. For orientation when ordering your new bike, we have a practical list here with links to the corresponding categories.

  •      12" balance bike - Mini BMX for toddlers from approx. 2.5 years
  •      16" children's bike 4 years
  •      18" children's bike 5-6 years
  •      20" children's bike 6-9 years / BMX Teens & Pro
  •      24" bike for children and teens 8-11 years
  •      26" bike for teenagers +12 or adults
  •      27.5" dirt bike special size
  •      28" adult bike
  •      29" mountain bikes special size

Just click on the tire size and you will see all the bikes currently available from our top EU brands. We have different types of the most popular tire sizes. There are 26 "and 28" bikes in many different designs.