Freestyle scooter accessories

Everything you need to tune and pimp your hot freestyle scooter. Buy cheap scooter parts online, and build your own complete

Stunt scooter accessories to build your own and or pimp your custom made completes. Check our own category here if you are looking for new wheels for your stunt and freestyle scooter. We at the #KBS Shop have guaranteed extra cheap wheels in stock. If you have any questions about the right spare part for your stunt scooter, we are always happy to advise you. You can find headsets, bearings (ball bearings), axles, fender brakes, wheels, grip tape, forks, replacement handles and much more.

Accessories & spare parts (parts) for stunt scooters

Here in the #KBS online shop we have all the important parts for the scooter to build ourselves. Benefit from our many years of experience in the freestyle and stunt scooter and action sports scene. You order high-quality and modern scooter parts from us at the best price. We don't shine with the (over) expensive non branded parts from overseas, we convince with quality for shredder riders. Take our pegs, the forks and the bars - 100% rider approved stuff!

If you are not yet very familiar with the right parts and what goes with what; then don't hesitate and contact our freestyle specialists. We are always very happy when we enable a new stunt scooter rider to have their own self-made custom made complete. You can reach us by phone, email or by arrangement in a (video) chat of your choice. Click here for all contact options.

Choose from over 100 different spare parts for your hot stunt scooter. If you are interested, we are always happy to recommend our shop category with the latest freestyle scooters from the #KBS shop. Beginners are definitely also interested in the various protections. A helmet and various protectors are always advisable at the beginning or during very high jumps. Here it goes back to the page with all scooter accessories.