Bicycle bags


Here you can find Holland bike bags from BASIL and New Looxs delivered directly from the Netherlands, at a special price.


There are various modern shoulder bags, an extra number of double and single bike bags, as well as great bike bags - accessories and more. Find and order your new bike bag (s) online at the #KBS Bike Shop. We carry all types of bicycle bags, for example bicycle bags for all luggage carriers, for the handlebars, frames or for under the saddle.

Our high-quality bicycle bags from the Netherlands are particularly popular. The double bike bag for carrying luggage in a simple look is the classic. New, striking double bike bags with an exclusive and individual print are increasingly in demand. The double bags from the Basil brand are now very well known and popular in Germany.

If you are looking for a special bike bag, double or single; We recommend the bike bags from our top brand New Looxs. With the countless fresh creations, there is something for everyone, no matter how special they are.